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Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Photo by NIAID-RML.

When it comes to the novel coronavirus every nation has its stories… but few are as odd as those from India. In most places, the concerns are primarily about how to approach the disease, with reactions ranging from a full lockdown to North Korea’s insistence that the disease has not yet entered its borders.

Then there’s India.

One might think the odd story from India would be the baby boy born to Raghunath and Manju Mail on April 6, in the Bhopal area. He is forever going to elicit memories of this time from anyone he meets, because his parents named him Lockdown. Maybe it’s just me, but “Lockdown Mail” sounds like it’s a step in a caper movie… but it’s not my kid.

And even were he my son, I would have to admit Lockdown is a better name than the one Preeti Verma of Chhattisgar to her twins. Corona is a boy; Covid is a girl, and both of them are going to be paying for therapy bills in the future.

That’s still not the strangest virus story out of India, though. That honor goes to Kanyaboyina Sudhakar, who works at the Sudha Cars Museum. Concerned that his fellow citizens didn’t seem to be taking the lockdown seriously, Sudhakar spent weeks constructing a one-person vehicle that resembles a coronavirus as seen under a microscope. It’s the coronacar.

His intention was simple: he wanted people to be constantly reminded of the reason for the nationwide lockdown, and to not get complacent. It seems to have worked; if nothing else, the local citizenry certainly don’t ignore a giant green microbe tooling around the streets on six wheels. He’s received attention from news outlets throughout the world, as they spread film of him driving his homemade car via, of course, viral videos.

Question of the night: what’s a favorite heavily-viewed or “viral” video from days gone by?

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