Watch Live: White House Press Briefing 04/03/2020

White House Press Briefing 03/27/2020. Photo by Andrea Hanks.

Once again it is time for President Impeached to hold a coronavirus press briefing aka a mini-rally.

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Things likely to be asked in Friday’s mini-rally: (in random order).

The removal of Captain Brett Crozier who’s crew offered him a fond farewell.

It’s being reported that Crozier is not losing rank or being dismissed from the Navy, he was just removed from command of the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

Why following son-in-law, President Impeached adviser, Jared Kushner’s first coronavirus task force press briefing did a government web page under go word changes to match Kushner’s statements.

I’m not sure someone will mention this or not, but for what’s worth…CNN’s Daniel Dale, ruthless, tireless, President Impeached fact-checker reported that on Wednesday President Impeached “falsely claimed,” that airline travelers and train passengers are being given, “very strong tests,” before departures and arrivals.

From the article:

Facts First: There is no evidence plane and train passengers in the US are being tested for the coronavirus at all, let alone both when they get on and get off. Trump might have meant to refer to screening — which involves questioning and sometimes temperature checks — rather than actual testing, but major US airlines and rail company Amtrak are not doing screening, either. Some plane passengers are being subjected to government screening upon landing, but most passengers are not — and this screening, unlike testing, cannot conclusively determine whether someone has the virus.

CNN. 04/02/2020.

There probably is more chance that President Impeached will be asked about the New York Times reporting that the Navy Hospital ship the U.S.N.S. Comfort that has 1,000 hospital beds is only currently serving 20 patients.

From the article:

President Trump left a nine-day sequester in the White House last week to travel to Norfolk, Va., to personally see off the ship as it set sail for New York, saying it would play a “critical role.” The ship’s arrival on Monday was cheered as one of the few bright moments in a grim time for the city.
But the reality has been different. A tangle of military protocols and bureaucratic hurdles has prevented the Comfort from accepting many patients at all.

On top of its strict rules preventing people infected with the virus from coming on board, the Navy is also refusing to treat a host of other conditions. Guidelines disseminated to hospitals included a list of 49 medical conditions that would exclude a patient from admittance to the ship.

Ambulances cannot take patients directly to the Comfort; they must first deliver patients to a city hospital for a lengthy evaluation — including a test for the virus — and then pick them up again for transport to the ship.

New York Times. 04/03/2020.

The the Comfort docked in New York on March 30th, 2020.

White House correspondent for CBS News is reporting that:

Other points he’s likely to be asked about, his feud with 3M, testing, and PPE’s, related and unrelated to his feud with 3M.

This is just me, but I do hope some journo asks the Doctors to once again state that asymptotic people can be positive for the virus and pass the virus to others. As it’s April 3rd, you’d think that was a well-known fact, but apparently…

“We didn’t know that until the last 24 hours [April 2nd],” said Republican Governor of GA, Brian Kemp.

Democratic Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio appeared on the Brian Lehrer Show podcast on Friday.

“It’s only the last 48 hours or so do they [New York Health Department] feel that they’ve seen evidence…that shows more evidence that disease can be spread by asymptotic people.” (from the 5:59 ish podcast.)

Lehrer says…

Even if we give both Kemp and de Blasio some benefit that they missed late February and early March when we were told officially that there were sick people who showed no symptoms of the virus but could spread it. Senator Rand Paul tested positive for the disease on March 23rd stating he was asymptomatic. Which for those counting was 11 days ago.

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