Watch Live: White House Press Briefing 04/04/2020

White House Press Briefing 03/26/2020. Photo by Tia Dufour.

It’s time once again for President Impeached to hold a press conference from the White House aka a mini-rally.

Prior to his announcement that he’ll be holding a campaign event from the White House press briefing room the Impeached President blasted CNN as “fake news,” surprising no one really.

Attacking the free press before announcing he’ll be using that free press to campaign, is the height of irony.

It’s harder to predict on the weekend what questions the reporters might ask, but I can assume, he’ll be asked about his firing of Intelligence Inspector General Michael Atkinson.

He is also likely to face questions regarding Friday’s presser in which he stated that he can’t guarantee New York will get ventilators, because “we have other states to take care of.”

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo has said New York is very close to running short of the estimated number of ventilators that state will need.

Saturday morning the Governor of Oregon Kate Brown announced that she would be sending New York 140 ventilators.

Cuomo responded to Brown’s announcement.

Cuomo also announced that 1,000 ventilators should arrive from China some time Saturday.

Aside from Atkinson being fired, ventilators, and PPE’s, the Impeached President will likely be asked to clarify the recommendation for people in public to wear face covers. It is not mandated, just recommended for at least those considered at higher risk to contract the deadly disease. The new CDC recommendation was announced on Friday. They did ask that the public not attempt to order N95 respirators or surgical masks, in order to make sure those were available for health care professionals.

As of 11:18 a.m. CA time, John Hopkins has recorded 290,606 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 in the U.S.. 7,826 people have died as a result of the disease. Of those 7,826 people, 1,867 came from New York City, New York. While 1,249 people have died from undisclosed locations around New York state. There is said to be 10,032 people in total recovery from the coronavirus.

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