Shooting At Naval Air Station Corpus Christi – UPDATE 2

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, photo from US Navy

An active shooter situation at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi in Texas required the station to go on lockdown this morning, at 6:15 am.

Stars and Stripes reports that the shooter was at the North Gate, per a Facebook post of a base member.

The US Navy has issued a statement saying that the shooter has been neutralized, and that one member of the security forces has been injured. There is no report yet on the extent of the injuries, or what may have triggered the incident.

Local news station KRIS-TV has a crew on the scene and is reporting information as they receive it.

UPDATE: As yet, no reports on the motivation, identity or final disposition of the shooter. The lockdown was lifted shortly before noon. The injured sailor has not yet been identified, but officials have confirmed he was shot while wearing body armor.

UPDATE 2: The FBI has confirmed that the shooting is being investigated as terror-related, and that the shooter is deceased. There may be a second person involved in the shooting who remains at large.

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