Trump Tweets “Indefinitely,” for Wednesday’s Open Thread

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It’s Wednesday.

For Wednesday President Inconsistent has tweeted 5 times and retweeted 1 time so far.

In his first four tweets for Wednesday President In Over His Head announced that the Coronavirus Task Force will “continue on indefinitely.”

The White House CoronaVirus Task Force, headed by Vice President Mike Pence…

On Tuesday Reuters via the New York Times, reported that the White House coronavirus task force was to wind down according to “President Donald Trump.”

His comments regarding the task force came during his visit to Honeywell in Arizona.

Ventilators, which were few & in bad shape, are now being….produced in the thousands, and we have many to spare. We are helping other countries which are desperate for them…Face masks & shields,….gloves, gowns etc. are now plentiful…

On Wednesday morning, Politico reported that while the country reopens, and President Ego, brags about his successful handling of the coronavirus pandemic, that behind the scenes according to a conference call recording which was obtained by Politico, FEMA and HHS were warning that “states were still experiencing shortages of masks, gowns and other medical gear.”

May 1st as the “stay at home,” guidelines expired Daniel Jernigan the director of the Center for Disease Control’s influenza division said at the start of the conference call, “The number of deaths definitely will be high,” Jenigan did not respond to Politico’s request for comment.

It was minutes afterward that an unnamed official, “underscored the risk facing the U.S.: If all the states moved to lift their social distancing restrictions, hospitals nationwide could see a surge of new coronavirus cases, creating the potential for severe ventilator shortages within weeks.”

“If, at the end of stay-at-home orders, you were to lift everything and go back to normal business, and not have any community mitigation, you would expect to see in the second week in May we begin to increase again in ventilator uses,” the official said. “Which means cases increase, and by early June, we surpass the number of ventilators we currently have.”

Politico. 05/06/2020.

According to Politico they have obtained three FEMA and HHS conference calls held between April 24th, and May 1st.

At the end of the article Politico quotes an official speaking on the May 1st call as saying, “As we lift mitigation, it’s going to be critical to monitor local transmission, public health capacity and health system capacity over time,” the official added, “and if needed, reinitiate mitigation in the coming weeks.”

we are now doing more testing than all other countries combined…

On Tuesday, President I see nothing, I know nothing, sat down for an interview with ABC Nightly News anchor David Muir during which he is asked if he really believed the U.S. would only have 15 cases.

President Impeached says, “you would say even worse than that, I said 1 person one time and it’s true there was a time when we had 1 person..”

Muir attempts to direct President ADHD back to the question, by saying, “but we are at more than a million case…”

To which President Impeached brings up testing.

President Impeached in part: Let’s talk about cases. You know why you’re at a million cases? Because we have more testing than anybody else. If we tested as much as these countries did down here [he’s pointing to a graph]. Who don’t do much testing at all…

World O Meter info.

World O Meter. 05/06/2020.

Spain through Iran’s combined testing number is 15,919,222.

After he announced that the task force will continue indefinitely President How Come Nobody Loves Me blast the “Fake News.”

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