Trump Tweets on Memorial Day for Monday’s Open Thread

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It’s Monday aka Memorial Day.

For Memorial Day President Clueless has tweeted 8 times, and retweeted 2 times so far.

President Clueless attempts to blame the Democratic Governor of North Carolina for following CDC guidelines during the reopening of states phase of the coronavirus pandemic.

Unfortunately, Democrat Governor, @RoyCooperNC is still in Shutdown mood…

According to the North Carolina Governor’s Office, North Carolina has moved as of May 22nd, into phase two of the three phased approach to reopening North Carolina.

Effective 5 p.m., Friday May 22, North Carolina has moved into Safer At Home Phase 2 of lifting COVID-19 restrictions. The phase runs through at least Friday, June 26 unless changed or canceled. Although the state’s overall key indicators remain stable, the continued increases in daily case counts signals a need to take a more modest step forward in Phase 2 than originally envisioned.

Under phase two the large venue settings guidelines are; Any scenario in which many people gather together poses a risk for COVID-19 transmission. All businesses and agencies where groups of people gather in an enclosed space should create and implement a plan to minimize the opportunity for COVID-19 transmission at their facility. The guidance below will help large venues including large theaters, sporting arenas, conventions centers, and stadiums reduce the spread of COVID-19 in their communities.

They recommend:

NC Department of Health and Human Services PDF. 05/22/2020.

The 2020 Republican National Committee Convention is scheduled to take place August 24th, through the 27th, 2020.

He moves on to wish everyone a “Happy Memorial Day,” in all caps.

As Richard explains in the Night Owl, Memorial Day, is “set aside to remember the men and women who lost their lives while serving the nation.”

Today is suppose to be a day of remembrance of those men and women, both in combat and outside of combat, that have lost their lives in service to the United States.

This Memorial Day is also more poignant given the coronavirus pandemic with the U.S., about to reach the grim milestone of 100,000 people perishing from the deadly virus.

As I’ve mentioned before some days covering the tweets of President Jerk are harder than others, today, is such a day.

President Slogan moves away from wishing us a “HAPPY,” day to attempt to slogan his way through his piss-poor handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

President To Little Too Late attempts to strike a more solemn Memorial Day tone, by promoting himself…

The new solemn tone lasted 22 minutes.




On August 21st, 2014, the New York Times reported on former President Obama golfing following his announcement that American journalist James Foley had been killed by ISIS.

If Mr. Obama hoped to show America’s enemies that they cannot hijack his schedule, he also showed many of his friends in America that he disdains the politics of appearance. He long ago stopped worrying about what critics say, according to aides, and after the outcry over Wednesday’s game, he defied the critics by golfing again on Thursday, his eighth outing in 11 days on the island.

It was all the more striking given that Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain canceled his vacation after the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria released the video showing Mr. Foley’s death because the accent of the masked killer suggested he came from Britain. Former Vice President Dick Cheney told Fox News that Mr. Obama would “rather be on the golf course than he would be dealing with the crisis.”

New York Times. 08/21/2014.

*End Flashback*

This is the second time in 24 hours President Whines a Lot criticized his bad press for golfing on Memorial Weekend.

Between Saturday and Sunday including the above two tweets President Baby tweeted 39 times. Two of which once again accused media personality Joe Scarborough of murder, bragged about giving his annual Presidential salary away, accused the Democrats of attempting to “rig,” the 2020 election, declared his love for boaters, forgot that comma’s are important, and demand the schools be reopened based on the “much very good,” information we now have regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

Lori Kaye Klausutis died in 2001, she was 28 years-old, she was not “a college intern, as some have claimed. She was not pregnant, either, as some have asserted. And she was not, as Trump claimed Sunday and others have before him, a marathon runner.”

No one from her family would comment on the Washington Post‘s story “fearing retaliation by online trolls of the type who went after parents of the Sandy Hook massacre victims.”

*I have reported both of his tweets to twitter as targeted harassment*

During her Friday press briefing where she praised President Douchebag for giving his money away, Kayleigh McEnany aired his bank account number and routing number for the whole world to see.

The Democrats are attempting to “rig,” the election by encouraging their state residents to vote by mail in November 2020, to avoid having large crowds gathered at polling places during what experts assume will be a second wave of the coronavirus outbreak combined with the seasonal flu. In fact Republican governors are also encouraging their states residents to vote by mail.

As of today, May 25th, 2020.

World O Meter. 05/25/2020.

According to World O Meter‘s state break downs Florida reported 879 new cases of the coronavirus, with Maryland reporting an increase of 839, while Georgia, one of the earliest states to reopen reported an increase of 419 new cases, while Virginia reported an increase of 1,483 new cases. North Carolina, threatened this morning by President Asshole, reported 600 new cases, while Iowa reported 309 new cases.

*The above does not include all the states that have reported an increase in new coronavirus cases.*

ASAP =’s at earliest fall of 2020, considering that much of the country would start summer vacation this week, if not last week…

Of note from the weekend the President Who Needs a Win Badly, pushed his idea that the G7 summit will take place in D.C., in person, rather than via teleconference as was decided a month ago due to the G7 countries facing their own coronavirus outbreaks.

As Richard explained in the Owl; The National Moment of Remembrance resolution, passed by congress in 2000, asks each of us to take a little of our time at 3pm (local) on Memorial Day each year “To voluntarily and informally observe in their own way a Moment of remembrance and respect, pausing from whatever they are doing for a moment of silence or listening to ‘Taps’.”

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