Trump Tweets “Trounces,” for Tuesday’s Open Thread

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It’s Tuesday.

For Tuesday #PresidentPlump has tweeted 1 time, so far.

Wherein President #TrumpMorbidlyObese shows why he’s called President Consistent by no one…

Thirteen Hours Earlier…

Looking for a new outlet!

On Monday President in Desperate Need of a Distraction announced that as a preventive to catching the Coronavirus he was taking the unproven anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine as said preventive.

President Desperate: A lot of good things have come out.  You’d be surprised at how many people are taking it, especially the frontline workers — before you catch it.

The frontline workers — many, many are taking it.  I happen to be taking it.  I happen to be taking it.

Q: You’re taking hydroxychloroquine?

President Desperate con’t: I’m taking it — hydroxychloroquine.

Q: Right now?
Q: When–

President Desperate con’t: Right now.  Yeah.  A couple of weeks ago, I started taking it.

Q: Why, sir?

President Desperate con’t: Because I think it’s good.  I’ve heard a lot of good stories.  And if it’s not good, I’ll tell you right — you know, I’m not going to get hurt by it.  It’s been around for 40 years for malaria, for lupus, for other things. I take it.  Frontline workers take it.  A lot of doctors take it.

Q: Did the White House doctor recommend that you take that?  Is that why you’re taking it?

President Desperate con’t: Yeah.  A White House doctor — didn’t recommend — no, I asked him, “What do you think?”  He said, “Well, if you’d like it.”  I said, “Yeah, I’d like it.  I’d like to take it.”

A lot of people are taking it.  A lot of frontline workers are taking hydroxychloroquine.  A lot of front- — I don’t take it because — hey, people said, “Oh, maybe he owns the company.”  No, I don’t own the company.  You know what?  I want the people of this nation to feel good.  I don’t want them being sick.  And there’s a very good chance that this has an impact, especially early on.

But you look at frontline workers.  You look at doctors and nurses.  A lot of them are taking it as a preventative, and they’re taking — totally unrelated, but they take the Z-Pak or the azithromycin for possible infection.

Now, I haven’t taken that, other than an original dose because the ori- — all you need.  You don’t have to take it simultaneously, but the zinc you do take.  So I’m taking the two: the zinc and the hydroxy.  And all I can tell you is, so far, I seem to be okay.

Q: Can you explain, sir, though, why you started taking it?  Have you been exposed?

President Desperate con’t: Yeah, because — no.  No, not at all.  I just said that — I’ve had so many letters from people, like the one I told you about.  I got it last week.  I’ll give you — would you like a copy of it?  I’d love to give you — if you ask Molly, she’ll give you a copy of it.

But this is a doctor — he doesn’t want anything.  I don’t know him, never heard of him, but he treats people that are — that we’re talking about.  And he said, out of hundreds of people that he’s treated, he hasn’t lost one.  And he just wanted me to know about it.  That’s all.  It wasn’t — he wasn’t saying, “Gee, could I have dinner with you, Mr. President?  I’d like to come to the White House.”

But I’ve received many such letters.  I’ve received a lot of positive letters and it seems to have an impact.  And maybe it does; maybe it doesn’t.  But if it doesn’t, you’re not going to get sick or die.  This is a — a pill that’s been used for a long time — for 30, 40 years on the malaria and on lupus too, and even on arthritis, I guess, from what I understand.

So it’s been heavily tested, in terms of — I was just waiting to see your eyes light up when I said this, but — you know, when I announced this.  But, yeah, I have taken it for about a week and a half now, and I’m still here.  I’m still here.

For more of his best words @ the white house.

Shortly after President Heavily Medicated announced that he was self-medicating via a White House Doctor, allegedly, Fox Business anchor Neil Cavuto, warned his audience against self-medicating.

For his effort to prevent his audience from killing themselves President Cry-Baby retweeted 4 attacks against the Fox Business anchor, and one from The Hoarse Whisperer…all before he lamented the missing Roger Ailes.

I think #Fuckopotamus is a good place to end Tuesday’s edition of Trump Tweets, don’t you?

In other news.

President Bailout reveals $19 billion farmer bailout.

Most of the live feeds will probably have ended by time of post.

This post might be updated.

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