Propaganda Watch: Russian Social Media Ads–6/6/2020

Russian President Vladimir Putin superimposed into a Russian Flag. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

This is part of an ongoing series where I review some of the ads purchased by the Russians. In doing so I hope we can get a better understanding of what they were trying to do, and how to recognize it the next time we’re faced with propaganda.

If you want to follow along, the ads can all be downloaded here. All of today’s ads can be found in the 2016-q3/2016-08 folder.

This is the weekend of “everything old is new again.” The Russian ads of August 2016 exploited the racial struggles in the United States in very divisive manners. P(1)0003082 makes the unsupported claim that the police use more force if the victim is black:

P(1)0003083 asks what would happen if the police killed white people:

P(1)0003600 refers to a video that is not attached, in which a police officer kicked a person after a high-speed chase:

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