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The Flaming Lips UFO stage prop, photo by Mrdarrow

Not long ago I posted about Puppy Day, because I thought that everyone could use a little evening of happiness. Tonight I’m posting about something that might provide a little inspiration.

There are valid concerns about covid-19 and the current caseload rise being seen in some states. There are worries about ICU availability diminishing, and the deadly issues which will arise if people are unable to get necessary treatment.

Amidst it all, people are trying to return their lives to some semblance of normal, and for many that means foolishly risking their lives, because they cannot think of a way to maintain safety standards and simultaneously go back to doing things they felt make life worth living.

We can accept the necessary safety restrictions; that’s what my family has done. We can push back against them, as so may others have. But there is a third alternative: adapt. While it may be difficult and require some creative thinking, many issues can be addressed that way.

For anyone who doubts, I present to you the Flaming Lips.

They’re a rock band from Oklahoma that’s been around since the 1980s. They’ve never been known to fall in line with conventional thinking. On the Late Show this week, they demonstrated conclusively that live concert performances can be given safely, even following the revelation that covid-19 particulate can aerosolize.

Anyone who is becoming convinced that some problems have no solution, I present to you an example of ingenuity, persistence, and flexibility.

And it looked pretty cool, too.

Question of the night: Who is someone you’ve found to be inspirational?

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