Trump Tweets “ALL-TIME HIGH,” for Wednesday’s Open Thread

Trump Tweets Logo. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

It’s Wednesday aka Hump Day!

For Hump Day President Sad Sack has tweeted 5 times and retweeted 1 time, so far.

President Sad Sack brags about the NASDAQ index reaching an “ALL-TIME HIGH.”

@ 10:36 D.C. time a snap shot from Yahoo Finance’s YouTube channel.

Screen Shot from Yahoo Finance. 06/10/2020

President Best Words moves on to say that New York State is “killing,” small businesses as they slowly reopen the state hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

World O Meters U.S. coronavirus data as of 10:41 a.m. D.C. time. Coronavirus data. 06/10/2020

New York State. Coronavirus data. 06/10/2020

As if you thought he wasn’t watching Fox News…

It might be just me, but I find the usage of the word “killing,” to be tone-deaf.

President Obsessed with Self and Fox News moves on to quote his Attorney General of the U.S. William Barr.

Mueller Report PDF pg. 9/10.

Mueller Report PDF pg. 9/10. March 2019.

As a reminder President Impeached was Impeached in the House of Representatives on December 18, 2019 for conditioning U.S. military aid in exchange for a foreign country, Ukraine, providing the Trump Campaign with dirt on political rival former Vice President Joe Biden.

President Dummy moves away from reminding us he’s Impeached for a reason to praise fan Republican Rep., Jim Jordan (OH).

Happening on the Hill the House Judiciary Committee is hearing testimony on racial profiling and police brutality.

President Idiot Who Doesn’t Understand Anything, moves away from quoting Fox News to bashing Fox News.

Note to President Dumber than a Box of Rocks.

I mean seriously, he’s the leader of the free world and can’t change the channel?

Also happening on the Hill Senate Hearing on CARES Act.

But But But, I thought the economy was rebounding?

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This is an Open Thread.

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