Trump Tweets for Friday’s Open Thread

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It’s Friday.

It’s been as of 11:20 D.C. time, 11 hours since President Crappy has tweeted or retweeted. This will likely not hold for the remainder of the day.

For Thursday President Prefect Person promoted his interview filmed earlier Thursday with Fox News and radio show host Sean Hannity.

*Coronavirus highlights with text provided by The White House.

Without commercials coronavirus comes up about *11 minutes and 28 seconds in.

*Based on the 43 minute video posted on YouTube by Fox News.*

Super Fan, Suck It, Lou Dobbs: Look, we’re beginning — I was a little surprised.  I’m not going to lie.  They had predicted, for May, nine and a half million jobs lost.  You — we ended up gaining 2.5 million.

President All About Me: Almost three.

Super Fan, Suck It, Lou Dobbs: We had the largest retail sales month.  I don’t know if y’all saw numbers — 18 percent.  That’s a record. So here’s my list —

President All About Me: And we had a pretty good number come out today on jobs, too.

Super Fan, Suck It, Lou Dobbs: Yeah?  Well, I didn’t see today’s numbers.

President All About Me: Also better than projected. But more importantly: So, we have more cases because we do the greatest testing.  If we didn’t do testing, we’d have no cases.  Other countries — they don’t test millions.  So we’re up to almost 30 million tests.  So when you do 30 million, you’re going to have a kid with the sniffles, and they’ll say it’s coronavirus — whatever you want to call it.

I said the other night, “There are so many names to this.”  I could name 19 names, like “Corona-19.”  But I could name 19 names.

But the fact is that there’s never been a thing like this.  We’ve done 30 million — almost.  We’ll be there probably today or tomorrow.  Thirty million tests.  And when you do tests, you have cases.  But what they don’t say is there are fewer deaths than there have been.  Way, way down.  And our mortality rate is among the best countries in the world — meaning, people that die.  Because a lot of these tests, it’s a case — it’s a kid — doesn’t even know.

In some cases, it’s people that didn’t even know they were sick.  Maybe they weren’t.  But it shows up in a test.  So they’ll say 30 million tests.  Now you have a big percentage of that.  But other countries do very few tests, so it shows they have very few cases.

And sometimes I jokingly say or sarcastically say: If we didn’t do tests, we’d look great.  But you know what?  It’s not the right thing to do.

3 days ago…

Super Fan, Suck It, Lou Dobbs: because I don’t think your son got $1.5 billion.

President All About Me: (Laughs.)  That’s right.  That’s right.  That’s a way of looking at it.

Super Fan, Suck It, Lou Dobbs: It’s true.

President It’s All About Me: I’ll tell you.  No, nobody has ever seen anything like that.

But what they’ll do is they’ll take five or six points and just say I lost.  And if you look at what we’ve done on ventilators; on testing — again, where we have 30 million — Germany is second with maybe 4, maybe 5 million.  So Germany is going to show fewer cases because they’re testing far fewer people — different-sized countries and all, but they’re testing far fewer people.

But many countries don’t do testing like that.  So it shows we — we’re way up in testing.  But what it also shows — by doing that, in all fairness, it shows a very, very low mortality rate.  Just about the lowest.  So we’re right at the bottom, in a positive way.  And I think that people are starting to see it.

President All About Me: And I would say that’s an achievement. But, you know, we’ve done a lot: the largest tax cuts ever, the largest regula- — if you look at our regulation cuts, Sean, more than any other administration in history, whether it’s eight years or, in one case, more than that, we cut regulations.  And we have — we still have a lot more we’re going to be cutting over the next month and a half, two months. So we’ve done a lot, and we’re very proud of it, and we had the best — you know, until this artificial problem — because I call it an artificial problem.  We had to turn off our country to save millions of lives.  And now we’ve turned it back on, and it’s coming back much faster than anybody thought possible.

So we’ve done a lot of things.  But, you know, it could be judges.  It could be the military.

Thank you.

Two note worthy statements:

President Poor Pitiful Me: Here’s a guy who doesn’t talk.  Nobody hears him.  Whenever he does talk, he can’t put two sentences together.  I don’t want to be nice or un-nice.  Okay?  *But, I mean, the man can’t speakAnd he’s going to be your President because some people don’t love me maybe.  And, you know, all I’m doing is doing my job. Don’t forget: Before the China plague came in — and it’s the China plague — before that came in, we had the best job numbers we’ve ever had.  We had the best economy we’ve ever had.  We had the best stock market we’ve ever had, which, by the way, is getting very close to those numbers anyway.  And in NASDAQ, it’s actually beat those numbers.

*Whataboutism for Fun.

How to testing.

How to Medical.

How to Empty Seat.

How to Obamagate.

Discussing the Russian Investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller:

President Perfect:  I think I am the probably — a friend of mine said, “You have to be the most perfect person.”  Isn’t that true?  (Applause.)  Think of it

*The full context:

President Perfect prior to the video snip: Yeah, if that.  If that.  And then you have these prosecutors who were Mueller-related — the whole Mueller-related thing. One friend said to me, “You have to be the most innocent man in the history of the United States.”  I had 18 angry Democrat geniuses — all smart; smart as hell.  Mueller lost it, but they were all smart as hell.  All these guys were after me.  They spent 45, 49, 55 — I hear all different numbers — million dollars over a period of two and a half years.  And they got nothing on me.

*Starts around 24 minutes into the full video.*

For the full town hall:

On Friday following a spike in coronavirus cases, Republican Governor, Greg Abbot (TX), issued an Executive Order ordering bars to close and restaurants among other businesses to limit occupancy.

In Florida shortly after their Department of Health reported 8,942 new cases of the virus bringing their state total to 122,960 cases, via CNN, Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation posted a tweet that announced effective immediately on premises consumption of alcohol would be suspended statewide.

Also happening or recently finished is the first coronavirus task force press conference.

The President Baby has cancelled his planned trip to visit is private country club in New Jersey.

It’s now been 13 hours sense President Twitter has tweeted. Maybe he’s joined Parler???

For his first tweet in 13 hours, sadly he didn’t join Parler…the President of the United States, announce prison sentences for people arrested for vandalism.

My opinion isn’t to give the vandals a free pass, I’m for arresting them, I’m for them paying for their crime.

However, it’s gross, IMO, that a sitting President is expressing more outrage of property damage than he is the death of over 120,000 American’s by a virus that we can slow the spread of, that we don’t have a vaccine for as of yet, that is deadly to some, and life changing for others.

It’s not that I don’t care about the law, as I make clear, they should be arrested and charged for their crimes, but it’s the outrage from the Right, the President on down to Senators and just supporters that somehow spray painting a statue or tearing it down is “destroying America,” more than a this horrible deadly virus spreading across states, both red and blue.

In short, it seems truly tone-deaf.

This post might be updated.

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