Trump Tweets “GREATNESS,” for Monday’s Open Thread

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It’s Monday.

For Monday President Triggered has tweeted 8 times so far.

President Triggered stated his tweeting at 12:01 D.C. time, by prompting himself via a Twitter user calling himself an Amazon Robot.

Robot_Amazon has no affiliation with Amazon.

President Jealousy resumed tweeting at 8:30 a.m. D.C. time by attempting to dig at Republican Senator Mitt Romney for being a better person than he is.

On Wednesday June 3rd, 2020, KUTV 2 News reported that according to a new Utah 2 survey, “56% of Utah voters either “strongly” or “somewhat” approve of Romney’s job performance. 42% say they disapprove. Romney is in a strong political position right now with a net positive approval of +14.”

The poll was conducted between May 9th-May 15th, 1,099 likely Utah voters were surveyed. The margin of error is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Real Clear Politics has President Snowflakes average approval rating at 42.8 percent approve, while 54.2 percent disapprove.

On June 6th.

On June 7th.

President Lame Duck moved way from being jealous that Romney isn’t scared of American citizens like he is, to yell at said Americans.

CNN reported that on Sunday 9 members of the Minneapolis City Council announced they intend to defund and dismantle the city’s police department.

City Council President Lisa Bender reportedly told CNN, “We committed to dismantling policing as we know it in the city of Minneapolis and to rebuild with our community a new model of public safety that actually keeps our community safe.”

City Councilman for Ward 5, Jermiah Ellison on Thursday tweeted his support for dismantling the police in Minneapolis.

Mayor Jacob Frey during a defund the police event said he would not defund the police causing the crowd to boo him and chase him away from the rally.

According to CNN, the City Council has a veto proof majority.

President Drama Queen moves on to focus on the important issues at hand, by blasting the latest CNN poll.

According to a new poll by CNN, former Vice President and presumptive Democratic Nominee for President Joe Biden leads President Drama Queen by 14 points.

CNN poll conducted by SSRS. 06/08/2020.

In that same CNN poll when asked if they approved or disapproved of President’s handling of his job as President, 38 percent approved, while 57 percent disapproved.

CNN poll conducted by SSRS. 06/08/2020.

President I’m Truly Stupid, continues his theme of blasting the media, by whining that nobody in the media wants to talk about the “record setting Jobs Numbers.”

From Friday June 5th.

CNN Business: America’s unemployment rate falls to 13.3% as economy posts surprise job gains.

MSNBC: Stunning job numbers show unexpected gains in May.

The Washington Post: Unemployment rate drops and 2.5 million jobs added, after states reopened.

The New York Times: Wall Street Rallies to End Higher on Surprise U.S. Jobs Report.

Experts had expected unemployment to reach about 20 percent in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, however, on Friday morning, when the BLS released the May numbers, we were shocked and awed, with 2.5 million new jobs and a 13.3 percent unemployment rate.

It turns out we were more baffled with bullshit than shocked and awed.

BLS Jobs Report for May. 06/05/2020.

Misclassification error, for not only May’s job report, but also March and April, but no worries the BLS and Census Bureau, are investigating how come this error keeps happening.

According to the error footnote, something unnoticed by myself included until Friday evening, the unemployment rate is an estimated 3 percent higher than the 13.3 percent report. Making the rate 16.3 percent, which is closer to the experts predication that unemployment would be around 20 percent.

You might be asking yourself how come the 13.3 percent unemployment was reported by the BLS, even though they knew it was in error? Well, according them “according to usual practice, the data from the household survey are accepted as recorded. To maintain data intergrity, no ad hoc actions are taken to reclassify survey responses.”

This is your reminder to always read the fine print, and/or footnotes.

President Liar moves back to his approval rating.

In February 2020, the Washington Post reported that for the first time in history there were more registered independents than Republicans.

New data from Ballot Access News, which tracks registrations in the 31 states that require voters to register by party, shows that independents account for 29.09 percent of voters in them, compared with 28.87 percent for Republicans. As recently as 2004, Republicans outpaced independents by nearly 10 percentage points.

The Washington Post. 02/28/2020.

According to Gallup, between May 1st through the 13th of May, party affiliation stood at 28 percent Republicans, 37 percent Independents, and 31 percent Democrats.

Once again I can find no recent or otherwise polling data that puts President Liar at 96 percent approval rating among Republicans.

President Can’t Quit Twitter moves past his approval rating to focus on the Stock Market.

President Dummy does what he does best, shows he’s a dummy.

Bunker Bitch believes in law and order my ass.


President Insecure has posted two more tweets.

In his first tweet he admits the CNN scared him.

CNN reported in the article explaining the data collected writes; those who are behind Trump, however, remain enthusiastic about voting (73% say they are extremely or very enthusiastic about voting) and mostly say their vote is a show of support for the President (70% say their backing of Trump is more a vote for Trump than against Biden).Biden’s voters have renewed their enthusiasm since the last CNN poll on that question in April. While just 50% were extremely or very enthusiastic then, 69% say the same now. Overall, 53% of Democrats now call themselves “extremely” enthusiastic about voting, erasing a gap with Republicans which had grown as large as 13 points in March.

This has to be the stupidest thing a sitting President has ever admitted to doing.

From the letter:

The latest skewed media polls must be intentional.


It’s clear that NBC, ABC, and CNN who have Democrat operatives like Chuck Todd, Geroge Stephanopoulos and other news operations are consistently under-polling Republicans and therefore, reporting biased polls.

[I can’t even.]

the CNN poll out today is another skewed anti-Trump poll…

John McLaughlin. Skewed Media Polls. 06/08/2020.

Most Insecure President of the U.S., also tweeted…

Because he is insecure, and showing us all he’s unfit for office.

The Hurt My Feelings President has now pinned the hurt feelings CNN poll tweet.

#NeverTrump…can’t be said enough.

Our latest Press Liar is scheduled to hold a press briefing at 2 p.m. D.C. time, which means it should start around 2:15 p.m. D.C. time.

For some giggles:

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