Watch Live: Press Secretary Briefs the Press 06/08/2020

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany 05/01/2020. Photo by The White House (Joyce Boghosian).

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is scheduled to brief the press at 2 p.m. D.C. time, on Monday.

Things likely to be mentioned:

The latest CNN in poll that shows President Impeached trailing political rival and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, by 14 points.

Is right now in her mind the right time for President I’m Stupid to revive his fight with black NFL players.

What are the President Bunker Boy’s thoughts on the Democratic House and Senate bill that aims to curb police misconduct and the use of force announced on Monday morning.

And in the latest economic news as the New York Times reported the National Bureau of Economic Research has said that the U.S. economy hit, “its peak in February and has since fallen into a downturn, as pandemic-related shutdowns tanked activity and brought an end to a record-long expansion — one that had lasted 128 months.

While analysts often refer to recessions as two consecutive quarters of contraction, in the United States the N.B.E.R. formally determines when they begin and end based on a range of factors, most importantly domestic production and employment. Most economists expect that this recession will be both deep and short, with the economy rebounding as state economies reopen and the world figures out how to function amid the coronavirus pandemic.”

I’m sure somehow and in someway, she will be asked about Obamagate that wasn’t, Biden’s stance that he does want to defund the police, even though he’s come out against it, and if President Idiot plans to hold campaign rallies soon. It’s also possible that the coronavirus uptick in cases might be mentioned in passing.

Also, if it’s true that the Bunker Bitch’s safety fence will be removed on Wednesday.

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