Watch Live: White House Press Secretary Holds a Briefing 06/29/2020

Kayleigh McEnany speaking with attendees at the 2018 Student Action Summit. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is expected to lie to the press and the American people at 1 p.m. D.C. time, on Monday.

The presser is said to address what the Press Liar calls “false reporting,” following reports that Russian military intelligence placed bounties on the heads of coalition forces and U.S. troops stationed in Afghanistan.

The New York Times first reported the bombshell news on Friday night writing; The United States concluded months ago that the Russian unit, which has been linked to assassination attempts and other covert operations in Europe intended to destabilize the West or take revenge on turncoats, had covertly offered rewards for successful attacks last year.

The story published by the New York Times was quickly followed by the Washington Post reporting that they had confirmed the NYT scoop.

Followed by the Wall Street Journal.

On Saturday Press Hack denied reports that President Never Knows Anything and Vice President Bootlicker were briefed on the matter as early as January as later reports state.

President Totally Unfit For Office tweeted Sunday evening that intel had just told him they didn’t find the information credible therefore they did not notify him.

On Monday AP News reported that according to officials that spoke to them, “the intelligence community has been investigating an April 2019 attack on an American convoy that killed three U.S. Marines after a car rigged with explosives detonated near their armored vehicles as they traveled back to Bagram Airfield, the largest U.S. military installation in Afghanistan.”

They added, “The intelligence officials told the AP that Trump was briefed on the bounty matter earlier this year; Trump denied that, tweeting Sunday neither he nor Vice President Mike Pence had been briefed. Trump tweeted Sunday night he was just told intelligence officials didn’t report the information to him because they didn’t find it credible.

The intelligence officials and others with knowledge of the matter insisted on anonymity to discuss the highly sensitive matter.”

Russia has denied the allegation.

As she attempts to blame “fake news,” for these reports and wonders how come they published leaked “classified information,” I imagine she will also be asked how it transpired that President Really Stupid managed to quote tweet a video, later removed, with a Trump Supporter yelling “white power.”

While this is a far less important story, it does in fact speak to a pattern a very familiar pattern of the sitting President tweeting out (or even saying) nonsense, racist or not in nature, only to turn around and say “he wasn’t aware.”

I think this tweet pretty much sums up the pattern.

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