Armed Intruder Breaches Canadian PM’s Home

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Corey Hurren, a Canadian Ranger, slammed his pickup truck through the gates of Rideau Hall this morning at roughly 6:30 AM. A cottage at the Governor General’s residence of Rideau Hall has been serving as the summer home of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau while the Harrington Lake location is undergoing renovations.

Hurren’s damaged truck was abandoned as the ranger moved onto the grounds in search of Trudeau. Police found and detained him at 8:30 AM, without incident. He was taken into custody in the vicinity of the greenhouse.

Trudeau, his family, and the Governor General were not on the grounds during the time of the breach.

The Governor General, the official liason to Canada from the Queen of England, tweeted about the incident afterward.

Standard checks were made for explosive devices; none were found. The intruder was armed.

Per police, Hurren’s stated intent was to have a direct audience with Trudeau, that he wished to speak with the Prime Minister. More details and charges are expected to be forthcoming.

Hurren is the owner of a small sausage-making business in Manitoba. He joined the Canadian military in the 1990s and afterward became a Ranger. Rangers are issued a C19 rifle, which is believed to be the weapon with which Hurren was armed. Because of some vociferous objections to the gun ban enacted following a May shooting rampage and the presence of weapons, there is speculation Hurren may have wished to speak about the new restrictions.

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