Debunking NESARA

First: NESARA. The acronym has a few “real” names: the National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act and the National Economic Security and Reformation Act are two of the most common ones. While the exact names may differ, the story behind them is the same.

In the 1990s, Bill Clinton (the story goes) was so impressed by a series of economic reforms suggested by a man named Harvey Barnard. Barnard had written a short book on the subject and sent that book to every member of Congress as well as the President. While some members of Congress balked at the massive overhaul suggested, others bought into the idea completely and began working toward its passage. Fearing the political backlash that a broad-spectrum overhaul might bring, they passed the legislation in secret and Bill Clinton signed it into law as one of his final acts as President.

The reason you didn’t hear about it was that there was a standing death sentence on any public official or private entity who publicly discussed NESARA following its passage. Despite the threat, patriots were determined to bring the truth to the public… and as a distraction, George W. Bush coordinated with foreign governments to cause 9/11 and the subsequent mideast conflicts.

If this begins to sound a little crazy… it is. Just from the origins alone, there are a variety of holes in the story large enough to accommodate ocean liners. Believing this theory requires belief that: a) Congress can pass legislation that is not officially entered into any public record, but it somehow maintains the full force of law; b) a death sentence can be legally issued in the United States without any trial and c) 9/11 was not only an inside job, but one performed in coordination throughout the government (including, one would think, people at the Pentagon who might be hesitant at lobbing the equivalent of a missile at themselves.)

So, what could be so important as to require all of this? Well, here are some of the key points of NESARA, as explained in a video by a believer:

Basically, it wipes out all bank debt, abolishes the IRS, abolishes the Fed, shifts all money to be backed by precious metals, and then gives much of the extra money this would free up to countries throughout the world so they will get on board (GESARA) with a single global currency (Global Currency Reset, or GCR).

Oh, and that book that Harvey Barnard wrote? It was titled Draining the Swamp.

NESARA has been used for decades as a way to scam money from the gullible. Generally, the money has come from two sources: either as donations to help spread the word (and why not, as any debt a person might incur is going to be wiped free soon anyway?) or as an investment scheme wherein people are encouraged to purchase currencies from impoverished nations as part of a “get rich quick” scheme (because all currencies will soon be zeroed out, and the currency of impoverished nation X will be used as the global baseline, buying into that currency now will leave the investors are the new global wealthy.)

In the minds of the conspiracy believers, President Trump has been, of course, secretly working to put the final steps in place before setting NESARA into its long-delayed motion…. but now he’s finally doing it!!!

The actual economics of the proposal make no mathematical sense. This is irrelevant, because it’s been pitched to people who don’t understand math or economics. Instead, they’ve been told they can have no more debt, that the evil bankers who rule the world (often equated with “the Jews”) will be tossed out of power, and that everyone will then have full liberty as defined by the U.S. Constitution…. or at least a ridiculously simplified version of the Constitution that exists in their joint imagination.

Mind, the same people who are delighted by the GCR are the ones who have been complaining about invaders draining America’s resources. It is uncertain what benefits would be seen by suddenly and artificially creating parity across currencies.

And getting one member of Congress to bother reading the book of a constituent is extremely difficult. The notion of getting a large number of Congressmen to read a radical economics book and to do so in secret is completely implausible.

Also undermining the theory is the fact that “Drain the Swamp” has been a part of common vernacular in Washington D.C. since Reagan used it in 1983, and has been traced back in occasional usage roughly fifty years prior to that. Or the fact that Trump repeatedly used the term not regarding economics but rather ethics (which explains why the phrase was quickly abandoned following his election.)

Oh, but… as far as that economic parity, mentioned above? There’s a reason other countries will be eager to sign on to NESARA/GESARA, despite the US being in control of the currency… it’s because we wouldn’t be in charge for long. President Trump would only be the placeholder for the aliens, who will be landing and ushering in a time of unity and peace after all debt is forgiven.

Under normal circumstances, I’d present the history of a theory and demonstrate how there is little to no validity to the prospective origin; or I’d examine the theory and provide rational counterarguments in an effort to demonstrate the inherent illogic of the proposal. In this case, I’ve got an embarrassment of riches. The theory falls apart at the beginning, in the middle, and at the prospective end.

But it tells people – first the gullible of all political leanings and then, under Trump, the QAnon followers – that their lack of economic prosperity isn’t their fault due to taking out loans beyond their capacity to repay or their failure to work or invest, and that their country is blessed by God (and, for those fully versed in the theory, the aliens) and is to be the leader in the new world order that is somehow completely unlike a New World Order. “You’re wonderful, nothing is your fault and you’re going to be rich” is a seductive line, particularly for those who are desperate for a sense of importance.

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