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Yunnesun spas, photo by Kuonoichi.

Hot springs and baths are tourism draws in many areas of the world, and Japan has more than its share of them. The country has become well-known to travelers for places like the Kusatsu Onsen and the Beppu resort. Weary people can cleanse and refresh while they relax in warm waters, albeit often with others present, and can then enjoy resort amenities such as tea, coffee, wine or a meal of ramen.

For those guests who don’t want to wait, there’s Yunessun Spas.

Under normal circumstances, having a number of hot springs would be a great tourism draw, but Japan’s large quantity of them has forced some property owners to compete for attendance. Historically that has included decorative hosting events and devoted service, but Yunessun decided to break with tradition by adulterating their spa waters.

Fancy Japanese tea? Steep in their tea spa, complete with a giant kettle. Or enjoy being “in the soup” for a change by swimming in ramen broth. Take a dip in either sake or traditional wine and wake yourself up afterward with some stimulating time in their coffee spa.

There are other spas available in the area, which has been developed as a spa-centric theme park… a pool area with long waterslides is connected, as is a traditional gender-divided suitless hot spring. Those, however, you can find in theme parks around the world. Swimming in sake-infused? That’s unique.

But, mind, it’s unique for not just one visitor, but for dozens at a time. Typically the specialty baths are fairly full. While patrons can thus theoretically consume some of the bathwater, it’s something which is absolutely not recommended.

For a little glimpse of the place, a Youtube tour…

Question of the night: What’s your favorite type of theme park ride?

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