Trump Tweets “BUT NOT ME!”, For Thursday’s Open Thread

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It’s Thursday.

President Not Above the Law has tweeted 11 times and retweeted 2 times so far for Thursday.

In his first tweet for Thursday President Tried to Math only to fail at Math.

1/100th =’s probably 100th with 1/ being a typo.

With spikes of the coronavirus now across 37 states, President Panicked is well panicking.

While Panicked has pushed schools to reopen in the “fall,” for some that means early August, five Republicans Senators have announced they will not be attending in person the Republican National Committee Convention in Jacksonville, Florida.

So far, Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Susan Collins of Maine are expected to skip the gathering the week of Aug. 24. Also not going, per their aides, are Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, who voted for Trump’s removal from office during the Senate impeachment trial, and Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who last month said she wasn’t sure she could support Trump’s reelection.
Grassley, 86, said on a call with local reporters on Monday that he’ll miss the convention as a result of pandemic fears. He also noted it will mark the first time he won’t attend in 40 years.

[Grassley is quoted as saying]…

I’m not going to go. And I’m not going to go because of the virus situation.

NPR. 07/08/2020.

The RNC Convention is expected to be held in North Carolina, with the nomination acceptance taking place in Jacksonville, Florida.

Twitter users, far too many to post have also asked if schools are safe to be reopened in some places in less than 3 weeks, how come Paul Manafort can’t be returned to prison to finish his prison sentence. Or, how come Roger Stone is pressing the court to delay his prison report date citing the pandemic as the main reason.

President Sir Whines a Lot, attempted to distract from all things by all capping at us, again.

I concur his tweets are harassing…

President Please Please Please Let Me Distract You, attempted to distract by quoting Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria, twice.

President So Full of Fear It’s Almost Visible weighed-in on the Supreme Court ruling that a sitting President was not immune from Criminal Investigations. Calling the decision “not fair,” to him.

He whines even harder in his next tweet…

On Thursday as the News Blender covered, the Supreme Court ruled that President’s even President Dipstick is not above the law, and that criminal investigations into criminal actions can be conducted even if that criminal investigation involves a sitting President.

It wasn’t a knock out blow to President Dipstick, but based on the follow-up tweets, he sure thinks it is.

President Whiner invented a new word, only to delete it, but as we say in the internet world, the INTERNET is FOREVER!!!!,


*I did not screen grab the whole thread.*

Here’s the skinny on these tweets, former President Obama, and Vice President Biden did not spy on his campaign.

Candidate Trump and Team Trump went to Russia in order to obtain dirt on Hillary Clinton, his political rival in 2016.

Everybody knows this, this is not new news, in response to the evidence that Candidate Trump and Team Trump went to Russia in order to obtain dirt on Clinton and receive election help, Fox News, Republican Senators and House members created an elaborate plot, against President Tin-Foil Body Suit named “DEEP STATE,” this deep state is so vast, that they were plotting against Tin-Foil Body Suit well before he even decided to run for office, yeah, that was a real statement at some point by either Team Trump or Fox News…

Anyhoo, the collusion (not a crime btw), was so successful, President Asshole Shit for Brains, tried to collude again, this time with Ukraine.

This time as sitting President the colluder got CAUGHT, when a whistleblower raised red flags. Following the compliant Attorney General William Barr attempted to obstruct Congressional oversight by telling the Acting Director of National Intelligence to not send it to Congress, which at this point was led by Democrats.

The Ukraine collusion concluded with President Impeached being Impeached in the House. Shortly afterward the Senate still controlled by Republicans conducted a “trial” that allowed no witnesses and decided with one exception, on one Article of Impeachment, that they would not remove President Impeached from Office.

In sum, the President, his team, and his media fans, created a plot with twist and turns and so full of holes that all the evidence even collected by Deep State exposures, proves the opposite that colluding (again this is not a crime) took place that Russia did interfere with our 2016 election and that President Dickless did hope to benefit from that election interference.

To be as objective as possible, the investigations conducted by the Inspector General(s) did find that investigators did in fact make missteps regarding the investigation into Team Trump members, these missteps did not dismiss the fact that there was a bases for those investigations into Team Trump members.

For public information related to both the Russia Investigation and the Ukraine Impeachment @Just Security.

President Pussy Ass Bitch Cried Even Harder with his next tweet, it’s back to all-caps.

See the above tweet, this is how we know the sitting President is right now scared shitless. For all of us that are unhappy with today’s decisions by the Court, we should take some joy in his fear.

For What It’s Worth…

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This is an Open Thread.

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