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It’s Monday aka 120 Days Until the 2020 Presidential Election. There are 198 days until Inauguration Day 2021.

For 120 Days Until the 2020 Presidential Election, President Tossing Shit @ the Wall to See What Sticks has tweeted 8 times and retweeted 1 time so far.

In his first tweet he shares a Breitbart article regarding the Sunday removal of a Statue of Fredrick Douglass.

According to Rochester (WROC), a statue of Frederick Douglass located in Maplewood Park was removed from it’s base over the Fourth of July weekend. The police are investigating the act of vandalism.

Police say the statue was found, “placed over a fence near the gorge, feet from the statue’s original base, pieces of plaster could be seen left in a pile by the fence.”

The statue was one of thirteen placed around the city in 2018 and was the second statue to be vandalized. The first was vandalized by two drunk college kids and replaced in December 2018 a week after the two college students removed the statue from it’s base.

Carvin Eison, Project Director for Re-Energize the Legacy of Fredrick Douglass, Fredrick Douglass Bicentennial Commemoration, told WROC, “What comes of this? Is this some type of retaliation because of the national fever over confederate monuments right now? Very disappointing its beyond disappointing,” Eison added, “I feel to put a monument back here immediately so who ever did this know that we are not going to be deterred from what our objective is and our objective is to continually celebrate Frederick Douglass. They can topple over this monument, they could go topple over all of them, this monument will still stand because the ideas behind it are bigger than the monument.”

Rev. Julius D. Jackson Jr., Alpha phi aplah fraternity, was there for the first incident involving the drunk college kids and told WROC, “We’ve been down this road before I actually spoke to the vandals of the first one. I would like to believe it’s not that, it was just some kids. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s some retaliatory, something going on.”

Douglass’ statue was removed on the 168th anniversary of the Douglass’ speech titled, “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July,” which Douglass delivered in Rochester.

President Fear Monger moves on to Fear Mongering.

Market Watch reported on Monday that according JP Morgan strategists a former Vice President Joe Biden win in November would be “neutral to slight positive,” for equities.

JPMorgan’s strategists note that Biden’s policy priorities were initially set out pre–COVID-19 and would surely shift. “Given the current economic weakness, business recovery and job growth are likely to be prioritized over policies that could dampen economic growth and perhaps even jeopardize the desired 2022 midterm election outcome,” the investment bank’s U.S. equity strategy team said in a note.

Market Watch. 07/06/2020.

President It’s Not my Fault Ever shifts gears blaming once again China’s government for his failed leadership regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

The CDC reports that as of Sunday there are 2,841,906 coronavirus cases in the U.S., with 129,576 people having died from the disease.

CDC data. 07/05/2020.

President I’m not a Racist @’s Bubba Wallace, the only African American NASCAR driver while defending the Confederate Flag.

On June 21st, 2020, NASCAR released a statement that explained they had been made aware that a “noose was found in the garage stall,” of Bubba Wallce. Wallace the only African drive for Richard Petty Motorsports.

On the 22nd of June, the DOJ announced they would be investigating the incident.

NASCAR President Steve Phelps said that he was offended by the consideration or speculation the noose was staged.

On the 23rd, the FBI concluded that Wallace, who has been a vocal supporter of Black Live Matter and NASCAR’s ban on the confederate flag on their properties, was not the target of a hate crime.

Phelps offered another statement in regards to the FBI’s findings.

Richard Petty Motorsports offered a statement.

Wallace offered his own statement.

In a teleconference on June 25th, 2020.

NASCAR released a photo of the garage pull shaped like a hangman’s noose.

Phelps acknowledge that he should have used the word alleged in the initial statement.

There is more regarding the teleconference posted at Marty Smith of ESPN’s Twitter feed.

For What It’s Worth: Marty Smith has been covering NASCAR for at least a decade (probably longer, if I’m honest.)

President random moves on to blast New York and Chicago.

I cannot confirm that President Random got this tweet from Fox News, but it’s possible, near as I can tell the tweet references shootings that occurred over the weekend in both cities.

According to Eyewitness News ABC channel 7, “It was a weekend plagued by gun violence across New York City as the surge in shootings continues, with 11 people killed in two days and 30 shootings with 10 homicides on Sunday alone.”

CBS Chicago Channel 2 reported that nearly “80 people have been shot in Chicago since Friday night this July 4th holiday weekend, and 15 of them have been killed. Twelve of the weekend shooting victims were under age 18. Two of the 12 were killed.”

He continues the theme of shit-stirring division first by posting an incomplete tweet only to remove that tweet in order to reissue said tweet.

The incomplete deleted tweet wasn’t posted for long, I got the screen grab from Tweet Deck, the site I use now, in order to keep a clearer count of President Tweets too Much tweets, sense new Twitter sucks.

He concluded his tweeting so far to focus on all capping us, again.

President So Busy has another packed busy day…

July 3rd marked a reportedly special day for President I’ll Never Have Time to Golf.

So it was either Friday the 3rd or Sunday the 5th, either way the President who promised he would be too busy to golf found the time to golf…


President Busy has been busy tweeting 7 more times in the last 33 minutes.

CNN two days ago.

President Idiot moves on to issue several tweets regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

The World Health Organization in January cautioned against banning travel from other countries citing the concern that people would not be screened at borders properly leading officials in that country unable to track new coronavirus cases.

On July 2nd, 2020, KPIX 6 CBS SF Bay Area News reported that dozens of principals were quarantined following exposure to the coronavirus after having attended a reopening schools meeting in-person.

The District Superintendent Stella Kemp confirmed the exposure saying, “Given the complexity required in the development of our reopening plan, some of our staff meetings are taking place in person. Of course those meetings are being conducted under the strict guidelines provided to us by the Santa Clara County Public Health Department.”

The San Francisco Chronicle was first to report the quarantine.

President Babies tweets came shortly after Press Lying Liar that Lies Kayleigh McEnany held a mini-campaign rally.


Basically, I feel that he was unhappy with the press asking his press secretary about his tweets he issued earlier in the morning.


President Super Duper Busy has added another 3 tweets to his busy afternoon.

Talking to himself…#Whining!

Corrupt Donald Trump and the Republicans want to open schools in the Fall for political reasons! They think it will help them in November. Wrong, the people get it!,

signed, Your Monday-Friday Trump tweets reporter!

Deleted tweet.

Deleted the original because of typo, “Why does the a Lamstream Fake News Media…”

Dr. Anthony Fauci discussed the latest coronavirus research during a live-stream hosted by CNBC News.

CNBC News explained that during his Q&A Fauci explained that “The average age of people getting infected now is a decade and a half younger than it was a few months ago particularly when New York and New Orleans and Chicago were getting hit very badly.”

He added, “Just because you’re 21 and you may not have significant symptoms that does not mean you can’t affect other people and I think that’s something that we’re concerned about.”

*ABC News quotes Fauci as saying, “The current state is really not good, in the sense that, as you know, we had been in a situation we were averaging about 20,000 new cases, a day. And then a series of circumstances associated with various states and cities trying to open up in the sense of getting back to some form of normality has led to a situation where we now have record breaking cases. Two days ago it was at 57,500. So within a period of a week and a half. We’ve almost doubled the number of cases.”

He adds, “We are still knee deep in the first wave of this. And I would say this would not be considered a wave. It was a surge, or resurgence of infections superimposed upon a baseline, Francis, that really never got down to where we wanted to go. If you look at the graphs from Europe. Europe, the European Union as an entity, it went up, and then came down to baseline. Now they’re having little blips, as you might expect, as they try to reopen, we went up, never came down to baseline, and now we’re surging back up. So, it’s a serious situation that we have to address immediately.”

*The quote used by ABC News starts at the 1 minute and 14 second minute mark of the above full Q&A with Fauci. The video is 28 minutes long.*

So far for his busy Monday President Moron has tweeted a total of 18 times and retweeted 1 time.

This post might be updated.

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