Trump Tweets “Ridiculous”, for Friday’s Open Thread

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It’s Friday.

President #SupremeLoser has tweeted 10 times and retweeted 1 time so far for Friday.

President Nobody Loves Me!, sent his first Friday tweet at 12:37 a.m. D.C. time in which he brags of his high approval rating among Republicans.

On Thursday I stumbled upon an interesting article posted @Rolling Stone.

The article written by Tim Miller focuses on nine GOP campaign consultants, and what they really think about Republican’s chances in 2020.

Miller explains that he asked these nine former allies and rivals who still work with Republican candidates “at the highest level of Senate and House races,” some who have gone full MAGA, while others simply don’t like President Unlikable, to speak openly and honestly about the “real behind-the-scenes conversations about the state of affairs,” without using their names.

Here are some excerpts from what Miller found:

What I found in their answers was one part Stockholm Syndrome, one part survival instinct. They all may not love the president, but most share his loathing for his enemies on the left, in the media, and the apostate Never Trump Republicans with a passion that engenders an alliance with the president, if not a kinship. And even among those who don’t share the tribalistic hatreds, they perceive a political reality driven by base voters and the president’s shitposting that simply does not allow for dissent.

Rolling Stone. 07/07/2020.

One of the nine is quoted as saying; There are two options, you can be on this hell ship or you can be in the water drowning.

The impact of Trump’s disastrous three months on down ballot candidates was best summed up in the first text message I got back.

“Could you use a poop emoji for my comments?”

The assessment was excreta across the board.

“Every shred of evidence points to a likely ass kicking in the fall.”

“Well it’s as bad as it gets right now.”

“Right now most campaigns are thanking baby jesus every day the election isn’t held today.”

“I’ve got Trump down in Texas. [Republican Senator Steve] Daines down in Montana.”

“It’s certainly better than public polling, but it’s not good.”

“I told very high ranking people in the Trump Administration that it hasn’t been like this since October of 06” – when President Bush’s numbers were tanking over fallout from the Iraq War, Katrina, and the Mark Foley scandal.

Rolling Stone. 07/07/2020.

You’d think with quotes like the above, the candidates would be advised to distance themselves from President Albatross, but that would be wrong, not only are they stuck, this is what Miller was told about the data:

There are practical realities — we ran a bunch of red district primaries, and it would come back that the number one issue for 80+% of Republican primary voters was loyalty to Donald Trump. I’m not making that number up.

Rolling Stone. 07/07/2020.

Several out of the nine consultants pointed to Republican Senator John Cornyn and the situation he faces in Texas to illustrate the problem Republicans are facing.

Several consultants pointed to the situation that Sen. John Cornyn faces in Texas to illustrate the problem. They indicated that internal polling shows Trump either tied or very slightly ahead in the Lone Star State. One said Cornyn should be feeling very lucky that Beto O’Rourke ran for president, rather than tacking slightly center and spending $90 million on a campaign to unseat the incumbent senator. Another said Cornyn’s “quietly in trouble.”

But rather than addressing this by creating some strategic separation from Trump to solidify the historically conservative Dallas and Houston suburbs where Trump is bleeding out, Cornyn has become a Mr. Trump fan girl, echoing his virus denial and defending the attack on nonviolent protestors in Lafayette Square.

Why? According to one: “You have 25% of the state is rural and Trump gets like Saddam Hussein level numbers here. 87% in 25% of the state… Cornyn gets 69. And so Cornyn can’t find a place to break from because he could really put that in jeopardy.”

Rolling Stone. 07/07/2020.

Cornyn isn’t alone it’s the same no matter the race or district; one consultant told Miller that “no dissent is tolerated [with the base] and if my candidate is going to win, it’s going to be by 1 or 2 percent they can’t afford to lose any votes [on the pro-Trump flank].”

Miller goes on to say that out of the nine GOP consultants all but two said that they “haven’t even had the conversation about the possibility of distancing from Trump with any of their candidates or campaign teams. Another put it this way: “The idea of distancing, if it’s discussed, it’s discussed very quietly; it’s discussed one-on-one. You wouldn’t talk about it on a conference call… maybe someone would, but let’s just say it hasn’t happened yet and I’m on a lot of those calls.””

The article is very well written and in depth, Miller goes on to explain that shouldn’t these GOP consultants be pissed off that they are being made miserable by the giant Orange-Man that is affecting both their professional lives and personal lives?

One explained what could be a silver lining to President Supreme Loser losing in November:

If you actually think about this very selfishly … If [Trump] loses, I make more money,” one said. “He loses, we go back to a semi-normal Republican party that leans more populist that I think a lot of people would like. We get to run all these challenger races and probably take back the house in two years, maybe even gains on the state level because of the extremist Democrat administration. I make more money. So that’s a very selfish view and people have talked about that.”

Rolling Stone. 07/07/2020

As I mention it’s a long read, but IMO, the insight, even with the frustration of not having names-named, is time well spent.

President Monkey on All Our Backs ended his midnight tweeting with his one retweet so far, only to resume Friday’s tweeting with attempting to sell a book “written by,” Lou Dobbs.

The Great Lou Dobbs…

From Amazon‘s blurb…

In The Trump Century, the indomitable Lou Dobbs explains how Trump has steered the debate every day he has been in politics, greatly expanding what Washington thinks is possible. By 2016, the globalist elites demanded no one speak about limiting illegal immigration or securing our borders. The elites told you communist China would soon be like us, and the PC orthodoxy told you what you could or could not say. You were told America’s Middle Class could never grow again and wages would be stagnant into perpetuity. Trump reversed all of that as radical Democrats and the Deep State conspired to overthrow his Presidency, as the deadly pandemic raged, and orchestrated street protests and violent riots dominated news headlines. 

He has not only made America great again but created a new standard for all future Presidents and likely has set the American agenda for the next hundred years. 

The Trump Century.

President Vote For Me or Else threatens states with having their federal funds withheld if they don’t do what President Vote for Me or Else!, wants right now damn it!

In a separate tweet he also threatens New York with maybe military action if they don’t get a handle on the shootings that are happening there.

Fall =’s in some states August 3rd, for my county it equals somewhere around August 13th (it keeps changing which is how come I say somewhere around that date).

Federal Funding according to the Trump Administration makes up about 10 percent of funds going toward public schools. Schools are funded largely by state and local taxes.

There is truly no easy answer for the situation we all find ourselves in. The coronavirus is spreading at an alarming rate worse in some states than back in March.

I wish there was an easy fix, a one-size fits all solution, but that’s never been the case when discussing public school education, what works for an Iowa school district, simply isn’t possible for a California school district.

IMO: This really bugs me, he doesn’t want to mandate masks, he doesn’t want a national testing strategy. He doesn’t want his experts in the field of medicine to speak to him or the public, unless they are kissing his ass, but yet.

Yeah, that but could be seen from a mile away.

But, he wants to dictate how each community handles their response to the virus, only so he can take the credit if it works well, or ignore it if it fails.

He is the last person in this country that should have any say as to when or how anything reopens across the nation. It’s simply a political tool for him, he’s discovered something about public schools, the Right has long ignored…they make-up a large portion of the economic health of a town, a city, and the state they are located in.

Like Bolton said in his poorly written book all that matters to Trump is Trump’s reelection. Nothing, not our lives, not our well-being as a nation matter and not how we are viewed globally, nothing else matters.

For Trump only #HisReelectionMatters…

President Who Shocked Doctors with His Skill in Identifying a Camel moves on to show us once again how little he understands anything.

In order for the state to send you a “mail-in ballot,” as some states are doing in light of the coronavirus pandemic, you must in most states be registered to vote and legally allowed to vote.

An Absentee Ballot and Mail-in Ballot are the same thing, both contain a bar-code with voter information stored inside the bar-code. Both have to be post marked by a certain time. Both have to be signed by the voter in question. Both have to be signed by the voter and their representative if someone else is dropping off the mail-in ballot. And here’s a shocker for you, both are mailed to the voters house where the voter votes and then mailed back to the election office.

Also, our military has been voting by mail sense forever.

For What It’s Worth:

CNN’s K-File reported on Wednesday that In April a Republican-National Committee robocall voiced by daughter-in-law Lara Trump that voting by mail could be done “safely and securely.”

“Nancy Pelosi and liberal Democrats are counting on you to sit on the sidelines this election, but you can prove them wrong. You can safely and securely vote for Mike Garcia by returning your mail in ballot by May 12,” Lara Trump said in the April robocall following a disclaimer it was sponsored by the Republican National Committee. Garcia went on to win the special election, defeating Democratic State Assemblywoman Christy Smith.
A copy of the call was found by CNN’s KFile archived on the website of Nomorobo, an application that blocks robocalls and also tracks them online.
“He’s counting on you to return your ballot by Election Day, Tuesday, May 12. Don’t let him down. Remember your mail-in ballot is arriving soon. Make your vote count for Mike Garcia and get it in the mail by Tuesday, May 12,” Lara Trump adds in the call.

CNN. 07/08/2020.

For his next to his last tweet so far for Friday, President TV watcher quotes his super fans show Fox & Friends.

President Hypocrite’s last tweet so far for Friday was to announce his departure for the “Great State of Florida.”

President Propaganda added two more tweets from the air as he travels to coronavirus hotspot Florida.

What does it mean to Act Against Public Policy? I mean it’s a school, they teach all kinds of things at schools, reading, writing, math, history…

Some schools are horrible schools, some not horrible, some are great schools, so what does he mean, “Act Against Public Policy,” what is our Public Policy?

And tell me where are all those Republicans that lamented the involvement of the Federal Government into schools business?

Yeah, I know hiding under their beds in hopes that Trump loses in the fall so they can come out and say, ‘we knew he was bad, we were only trying to protect the country!”


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