Trump Tweets #RIGGEDELECTION for Tuesday’s Open Thread

Trump Tweets Logo. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

It’s Tuesday aka The Return of the Campaign Rallies via Coronavirus Task Force Daily Briefings.

For The Return of the Campaign Rallies via Coronavirus Task Force Daily Briefings President Tween has tweeted 7 times.

He starts his day by patting himself on his own back. Shocking I know.

President Thank You for Praising Me moves on to bash sports players…

Given how President Wants to be a Dictator is treating some of the people he is suppose to represent as President lately, I assume we will see a lot of kneeling during the national anthem during upcoming events.

President Tremendously Clueless moves on to focus on the positive signs that a coronavirus vaccine might be possible in the future.

I call this above tweet “a preview of today’s campaign rally.”

President Everything is Tremendous moves on to bash the media.

and we have done things that few other countries could have done!

Yeah, like keeping the coronavirus spreading, rapidly, never removing ourselves outside the first wave! #Winning.

President Not Nearly as Cool as he Thinks he is moves away from the virus to focus on quoting Fox & Friends.

During his interview with Chris Wallace, that received “good reviews and comments”, President Lying Liar that Lies told Wallace, “I’m not a big fan of Fox News.”


Here’s the timeline of today’s tweets.

Tweet 1: Promotes his interview with Fox News show host Chris Wallace.

Tweet 3: Talks about tremendous progress on COVID-19 vaccines…

Tweet 5: Directly quotes Fox & Friends.

Tweet 7: Warns of a rigged election using mail-in voting, which is exactly the same as absentee voting.

So out of the seven tweets this morning, 4 relate directly to Fox News while only 3 don’t. But yeah, he’s not a fan…

President Not Fox News Fan tweets in between promoting Fox News that if he isn’t reelected the stock market will crash…

In fairness, our taxes on a federal level will have to go up, in order to pay for President Big Spenders dumbass economic polices.

His schedule for Tuesday.

There will be a live thread for the campaign rally.

This post might be updated.

This is an Open Thread.

*Note the countdowns are to 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time on those days.*

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