Trump Tweets Whines About the Media for Tuesday’s Open Thread

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It’s Tuesday.

President Hater has tweeted 4 times and retweeted 13 times so far for Tuesday.

President Ranty started his Tuesday tweeting shortly after midnight D.C. time.

CNBC News reported on Friday that according to a recent Jefferies survey of 1,800 people that, “60% are planning on staying home this summer, up from 52% from the last reading in May. Of the group planning to go anywhere, 75% expect to drive, against 60% in May. Those who say they are going camping now number 3%.”

Ryan Preclaw, director of credit strategy at Barclays told CNBC News regarding the current spikes of coronavirus cases that, “The state of the outbreak clearly still has the ability to influence economic outcomes,” Preclaw added, “Economic damage appears to be spreading widely, regardless of where cases are concentrated.””

On Tuesday CNBC News reported that Delta Airlines announced their plan to cut in half the numbers of flights it planned to add next month as the coronavirus cases spike.

The company on Tuesday posted a $5.7 billion net loss in the second quarter, according to CNBC, it’s Delta’s biggest loss since 2008.

Bastian told CNN on Monday that he thinks it will take two or maybe three years for the airline industry to “find that new level of normal.”

On Monday California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that 30 counties will now be required to close indoor operations for several businesses.

A couple of minutes after he tweeted and retweeted shortly past midnight President Liar lies about the reason we have lots of new coronavirus cases.

On Monday during a Q&A session following an event from the White House President Hypocrite bashed former President Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden for stopping *H1N1 testing and explained that “when you test, you create cases.”

*From Aaron, “Trump absurdly tries to blame Obama for problems w/ testing for Covid-19, which didn’t exist until nearly 3 years after he left office,” Daniel Dale is reporting that is a misunderstanding of Trump’s comments. Having listened to the clip, I totally understand the misunderstanding.*

President Hypocrite via White House Transcript.

Well, you know that we have one of the lowest mortality rates anywhere.  If you know, Biden and Obama stopped their testing; they just stopped it.  You probably know that.  I’m sure you don’t want to report it.  But they stopped testing.  Right in the middle, they just went, “No more testing,” and on a much lesser problem than the problem that we have, obviously with respect to — this is the worst thing that’s happened since probably 1917.  This is a very bad — all over the world.  It’s 188 countries right now.

But, no, we are — we test more than anybody, by far.  And when you test, you create cases.  So we’ve created cases.  I can tell you some countries, they test when somebody walks into a hospital sick or walks into maybe a doctor’s office, but usually a hospital.  That’s the testing they do, so they don’t have cases, whereas we do — we have all of these cases.  So, you know, it’s a double-edged sword.

At the same time, we have the lowest mortality or just about the lowest mortality in the world.  We’re doing a great job.

The key phrase that shows Daniel Dale is smarter than your average fact-checker is: and on a much lesser problem than the problem that we have…

As to President Hypocrites word salad with spoiled salad dressing, testing does not “create cases,” if the virus was under control, with increased testing you’d actually see less virus cases. The test does not “create” the illness the test simply tells us who has the virus.

President Slogan finishes his late night Twitter snacking by all-capping us.

The above is the 18th time that President Slogan has all-capped the words Law and Order, according to Trump Twitter Archive the first all-capped two-worded tweet was used was on May 31st, 2020. His other first and according to the Archive only LAW & ORDER!, tweet prior to May 31st, 2020, was issued on July 29th, 2016.

From NBC 7 San Diego. July 28th, 2016 updated on August 4th, 2016.

To restart Tuesday’s tweeting President ALL CAPS continues his on-going feud with the media.

Fox News old slogan was “fair and balanced,” prior to 2016…

Adversary =’s White House Journalists asking questions of the current administration, that the current Admin., doesn’t like.

Maybe it’s just me, but I like when the White House Journalists act like adversaries.

This post might be updated.

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