Watch Live: President With Nothing Better to Do Lies to the Press 07/23/2020

News Media Standards. Image by Sollok29.

President With Nothing Scheduled today Decided what the hell, I’ll go brag to the press @ sometime around 5 p.m. D.C. time, on Thursday.

This will be the third day in a row, that President New Tone, which lasted for no seconds, as addressed the media.

What can we expect from today?

The same as we got on Day 1 and Day 2, he’s the greatest, the coronavirus will go away, eventually, Radical Liberals suck, blame Obama, blame Biden, for his own shortcomings–blah, blah, blah.

Basically it’s a day ending in Y.

While we wait for the Stupid One to grace us with his presence. H/T to Joe W. for posting this in the Tweets Open Thread.

The Spineless Ones.

Live Feeds

The Hill.

The White House.

Because I have for two days in row neglected to remind us of the days until hopefully Trump is fired…

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