Watch Live: Trump’s July 4th D.C. Speech

President Twitter in Chief announced via Twitter that a “Big 4th of July Air Show,” would be starting soon and that he would be addressing the nation to celebrate American Independence at 7 p.m. D.C. time.

During last years Salute to America speech President It’s Historic exclaimed that the American Army “took over the airports.”

A moment captured not only on tape but on Twitter receiving it’s own hashtag #RevolutionaryWarAirportStories.

President Misspeaks spoke on Friday from the Mount Rushmore Memorial to celebrate the return of fireworks to the Black Hills.

During his campaign speech he announced the creation of committee to decide on a new Garden of Statues via an Executive Order.

Live Feed(s).

The White House.

NBC News.

I wish you all a happy Fourth of July. Please be safe, be happy, and wear your masks!

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