Trump Says QAnon Believers “Love Our Country”

Trump split personality parody. Image by Lenny Ghoul.

President Always Late was once again late for a 5 p.m. D.C. time, press briefing that was scheduled earlier in the day.

As he typically does, he announced via Twitter that the event’s time would now be 5:45 p.m. D.C. time. He typo’d the first tweet, only to quickly reissue the tweet.

he =’s be.

After announcing sanctions of Iran, he babbles about Operation Legend and how it’s helping “radical left” run cities. He moves on to say that the U.S., is handling the coronavirus.

He says other countries have outbreaks, like New Zealand.

He bitches about how colleges should open because if not it could cost lives.

He blabs more and then takes questions.

The first question asked is if he supported the QAnon conspiracy theory.

He is then told that the QAnon supporters believe he’s a secret agent sent to save people for Satan and pedophiles and he says “is that supposed to be a bad thing? Or a good thing?

There are days I cannot fathom how people like this guy, and that he’s our sitting President, today is one of those days.

He keeps answering questions, which here’s the deal, how come they moved to other questions, he basically as President just endorsed the theory that he is sent by someone to save people from “a secret satanic cult of cannibals and pedophiles.”

And they all just moved on.

I can’t even.

I’m going to end this recap of the crazy here.

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