President Trump Press Briefing Recap 08/10/2020

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President Attention Whore sought attention today from the press, shocking no one, the press conference was added to the Impeached President’s schedule this afternoon.

President Twitter-Twat asked us to enjoy!, via Twitter.

The conference started as it typically does, with President Too-Long a Tie misunderstanding a report from over the weekend regarding Virginia and mail-in ballots.

He says in part that in the state of Virginia they incorrectly mailed out ballot applications to dead people and pets, and “it just came out today.”

On Thursday the Washington Post reported that “The Washington-based Center for Voter Information, a nonprofit geared toward increasing voter participation among underrepresented groups, mailed 2.25 million applications for absentee ballots to voters across the state, with a quarter of them containing a return envelope addressed to the wrong election office, the group said Thursday.”

Shortly after the presser started, which was late, starting at 5:46 p.m., President Waddles was waddled away from the podium leaving reporters to wonder why…

Roughly ten minutes later President Waddles, waddled back into the press briefing room and explained that the Secret Service shot someone outside the White House.

President Rattled Probably, explained that he is fine the world is a dangerous place.

President Final Pivots away from the shooting offering no details of the event that occurred outside the White House and that forced him to be whisked away by a Secret Service agent by bragging about the stock market.

President Day Ending in Y, pretty much continues along the same daily press path, we have so many cases because we test more…

Other countries are having surges too!.

It’s going to go away the coronavirus because he says we are seeing encouraging signs…

The Q&A’s:

He says in the clip because there is a tiny fraction in death among kids, and they have a harder time catching the virus and passing the virus along schools should be open.

The New York Times explains that North Paulding High School in Georgia announced on Sunday it was switching to online instruction on Monday, and Tuesday after reporting at least nine positive cases.

Asked if he would have called for Obama to resign with 160,000 dead American’s he said “No, I wouldn’t have done that.”

I do believe Aaron is wrong, and 2 American’s did die from Ebola.

Oct 23, 2014…

There is always a tweet.

As he typically does to round out the campaign rally he ended his presser by leaning on OANN and you guessed it, Obamagate aka SpyGate.

The Full Presser.

Having watched most of it live. I’m just going to wrap up this recap with this.

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