Watch Live: Republican National Convention Day 2

President Donald Trump with First Lady Melania Trump. Sept., 11, 2019. Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead.

It’s Tuesday, August 25th, day 2 of the 4 day Republican National Convention.

Tonight’s theme according to a letter written by Marcia Lee Kelly is “Land of Opportunity.”

This week, the world witnesses President Trump’s historic pledge to continue putting America first for four more years as he accepts his re-nomination for President of the United States. Part of that pledge is his fight to keep the American Dream alive for future generations. And, I know the importance of the American Dream. I know because I have lived it. 

As a first-generation Korean American, my life reflects that the American dream is built on opportunity. I grew up with strong conservative values and have lived them every day as I have worked for a life only the United States of America can offer. I have lived on both coasts, worked for the then-Mayor of New York City and the President of the United States and now have had the opportunity – as the first Asian American to serve as President and CEO of either the RNC or DNC convention – to lead this historic, and unconventional convention. I know the value of hard work, but I also know the worth of opportunity. We have President Trump to thank for championing opportunity and paving the way for the American Dream to continue.

This land, our land, truly is the land of opportunity. During this historic week, we celebrate all that means for us and for every American still to come. 08/25/2020.

ABC News reports that Mike “Pompous Ass,” Pompeo will be the first sitting Secretary of State to deliver a speech to a party’s political convention in modern times, although he is not the first to play a public role.”

We are told he is appearing in his “personal capacity.”

Live Feeds to the RNC.

Republican National Convention.

MSNBC (I have not used them before, so I can’t say what coverage is like. I’m not finding a lot of streaming options, thought we could give them a try.)


For other viewing.

Convention on Founding Principles Day 2.

The Lincoln Project will probably have their own feed to the Republican National Convention.

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