Political Humor – Definitions (Updated)

Crossword Puzzle Photo by Dan Taylor-Watt.

The children are back in school (in person or remotely) and that means testing. I was walking through the classroom (also known as our living room) this week and overheard my daughter taking a spelling test. She was being provided with spoken words and had to type them in response.

The words were provided with context, but it occurred to me that some of them might have alternate definitions. Here’s a little compilation of words (including compound words) and meanings…. and for a follow-up, the same exercise using Pokemon names instead of actual words. Try to identify which numbers match up with the letters for each group.


  1. Presidential campaign rally – i
  2. One way Vladimir’s trolls distribute disinformation – a
  3. Why Melania doesn’t wear a mask – d
  4. Maintained current Presidential behavior – f
  5. Sickly orange – j
  6. Donald Trump Jr. during public appearances – c
  7. A benefit of the November election – g
  8. Jewish Christmas experience – b
  9. Willful ignorance – h
  10. Each of the 2016 Trump campaign managers, in order – e


  1. a. Fortunate (4chan it)
  2. b. Wanton Endangerment (wonton endangerment)
  3. c. Kraken (crackin’)
  4. d. Horsehair (whore’s air or whore’s hair)
  5. e. Consequence (con sequence)
  6. f. Rescind (re-sinned)
  7. g. Surceasing (“Sir” ceasing)
  8. h. Cutest (Q test)
  9. i. Factional (Fact shun all)
  10. j. Humane (hue, main)



  1. Trump, after a session with Stormy Daniels – d
  2. Trump at a teen beauty pageant – g
  3. President Trump’s most prized feature – e
  4. Trump in the polls – a
  5. Trump with Jeffrey Epstein – i
  6. Voter, to Trump – c
  7. The Trump family – h
  8. Senator Rand Paul – b
  9. Senator Ted Cruz – j
  10. Steve Bannon – f


  1. a. Machoke (may choke)
  2. b. Loudred (loud red)
  3. c. Espeon (is peon)
  4. d. Bulbasaur (bulb is sore)
  5. e. Shroomish (ummm….)
  6. f. Nihilego (nihil ego)
  7. g. Pikachu (peek at you)
  8. h. Piloswine (pile o’ swine)
  9. i. Slowbro (slow bro)
  10. j. Lickilicky (licky, licky)

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