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Monty Python & The Holy Grail.

Monty Python introduced the world to Frenchmen who fart in the general direction of the English. In 2014, a former plumber with a Youtube channel decided to repay the courtesy.

Colin Furze of the UK describes himself as a “shed inventor”, which is to say that his creations aren’t the result of extensive workshops… they’re built in a large shed. That hasn’t stopped him from getting a sponsorship from Ford to build a homemade hoverbike, or recreating (without the incredibly amplified power) the Hulkbuster armor from Marvel movies.

He’s not a trained engineer. He just likes putting things together.

Before he took on those projects, though, Colin decided to tackle the far more approachable effort to pass gas at the nation which sits across the English Channel.

It was a fairly simple build by comparison. It consisted of a powered device which delivered a quick burst of gas through a thin, vibrating aperture. To fulfill the visual expectations, the aperture was placed centrally on an immense sculpted rump, and the gas was lit aflame as it escaped the tube. People were placed on the opposite side of the channel, to listen for any indication of success.

Did it work? Check the video… complete with a song composed for the occasion.

It’s vulgar and nonsensical… but no harm was done. Although I still haven’t determined what he thought he was going to do afterward with a giant ass.

Cue the jokes….

Question of the night: Are there any friendly rivalries in which you take part?

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