Trump Tweets for Friday’s Open Thread

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It’s Friday aka Only 11 Days Before the First Presidential Debate of 2020.

For Only 11 Days Before the First Presidential Debate of 2020, President Liar has tweeted 3 times so far.

In his first tweet for Friday, President Deceiver deceives his followers by saying Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi wants to take money away from farmers.

On Thursday during a campaign rally held in Wisconsin President Vote Buyer attempted to buy votes by announcing a $13 billion new aid package to farmers including, “Wisconsin’s incredible dairy, cranberry, and ginseng farmers who got hurt badly.”

President Briber: I am doing even more to support Wisconsin farmers, starting next week, my administration is committing an additional — you have been asking for this for a long time — $13 billion in relief to help farmers recover from the China virus, including Wisconsin’s incredible dairy, cranberry, and ginseng farmers who got hurt badly.

The clip is 1:36 minutes long. The announcement of the aid package lasts for about the first 30 seconds. He shifts gear toward the Wisconsin timber industry.

Michigan Senator and Ranking Member of the Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry, Debbie Stabenow on Thursday took to the Senate floor to express her outrage that the Trump Adminstration is reportedly looking at taking $300 million from farmers to bail out oil companies.

For his second tweet he whines about Mike Bloomberg using his money to buy ads to support Biden in Florida.

In his third tweet President Delusional and #UNFIT for office said “we have done an incredible job with the much tougher China Virus,” attempting to call the Obama Administrations/Biden’s response to H1N1 a fail.

Even if you take the higher estimate range of 17,000 deaths to H1N1 in 2009, that still pales in comparison to the over 200,000 deaths attributed to the coronavirus.

Also, we didn’t shut down completely regarding the H1N1 virus, we shut down some schools across the country as that virus effected largely young children, towns shut down some segments of their economy in order to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

I’m not now, or was I a fan of the Obama years, however as a parent who at the time had children in school during the H1N1 virus, I can tell you, what they did better than now; communication.

We don’t have tapes of Obama telling a journalist he knew it was deadly, but then publicly down played the virus for over two months, only to learn a month later that he intended to down play the virus in order to not cause “panic,” among the American people.

I was not confused about what I was expected to do to protect my family, especially my young children at that time from catching the H1N1 virus, I along with other parents were regularly informed on the guidelines both at a federal level and a school one.

In short, I was informed early on and I did not panic.

Could they have done better, I’m sure they could have, because in hindsight we can always find the better options.

In the case of the coronavirus our sitting President who is begging and attempting to buy votes with our tax dollars, failed at a basic level of competency by knowing it was deadly in February and lying to the American public about it, still lying about it today. We don’t even need hindsight, just open ears.

Live Feeds.

CNBC News.

The Hill.

I’m assuming that this is why we are being cursed with another Friday campaign rally from our White House.

And likely he’ll brag about his bailing-out the farmers too.

If he takes questions I assume they will be regarding a Vanity Fair article where son-in-law could star in a remake of the Omen, Jared Kushner, told a group of people back in March that never mind about those blue states, the “Free market will solve this…”

And this:

President Asshole is holding another asshole campaign rally this evening. Once again, I will probably not be providing a live thread. I’m sort of sorry about that, but:

See? Rinse and Repeat is all he has. He lies denies and sticks too it, until a tape surfaces, then he pretends he was always honest.

This post might be updated.

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