Trump Tweets “Our people have all left” for Monday’s Open Thread

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This is an Open Thread.

Hello and good morning to all you wild and crazy Blenders. I, halodoc, will be bringing you Monday’s Open Thread while Tiff is away.

Because we live in insane times where our lives have to revolve around a madman who’s own mad world revolves around freaking Twitter this will be a deep dive into President Bottom Feeder’s twit life.

Okay, I’m lying, it’s not really a deep dive. Tiff will return for tomorrow’s regularly scheduled programming to bring you real information. Because I failed to raise my appropriate defense shield, I’m just sort of phoning it in. I’m sorry, Tiff! 😀

Over the weekend, President Insane tweeted 54 times and retweeted 14 times.

There were two Jim Jones Trump* *Love Me!* rallies, both in Nevada, over the weekend. Saturday’s, September 12th was held in Minden, Nevada; Sunday’s, September 13th was held at Xtreme Manufacturing in Henderson, Nevada.

For a transcript of the Minden full-on insanity speech on Saturday, if you have a death wish for a brain embolism, you can read that, here, at Rev.

…And 52 days from now, we’re going to win Nevada, and we’re going to win four more years in the White House. And then after that we’ll negotiate, right? ‘Cause we’re probably, based on the way we were treated, we’re probably entitled to another four after that.


Weekend highlights.

Trump doubled down on Saturday to tell people in North Carolina to commit voter fraud. Again. And got Twit moderated for it.

From Twitter:

The user will first see this message before allowing the viewer access to Trump’s tweet telling people of North Carolina to commit a felony. All *likes* and access to retweets have been removed to stop others from spreading this insane misinformation.

On Sunday, “[I]n open defiance of state regulations and his own administration’s pandemic health guidelines” President Impeached held his first indoor *Love Me!* fest since June 20th in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Herman Cain could not be reached for comment.

LAS VEGAS — In open defiance of state regulations and his own administration’s pandemic health guidelines, President Donald Trump on Sunday hosted his first indoor rally since June with a packed, mask-less Nevada crowd.

Eager to project a sense of normalcy in imagery, Trump soaked up the raucous cheers inside a warehouse. Not since a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that was blamed for a surge of coronavirus infections has he gathered supporters indoors. There was no early mention from the president that the pandemic had killed nearly 200,000 Americans and was still claiming 1,000 lives a day.

Few in the crowd wore masks, with one clear exception: Those in the stands directly behind Trump, whose images would end up on TV, were mandated to wear face coverings.

And on Sunday, they returned indoors, in part as a nod to the Las Vegas-area heat. Temperature checks were given to all upon entrance at the industrial site in Henderson and while masks were encouraged, few wore them.

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak, a Democrat, has limited in-person gatherings indoors and outdoors to 50 people since May, a recommendation based on White House reopening guidelines. In a statement released just before the rally began, Sisolak said Trump was “taking reckless and selfish actions that are putting countless lives in danger here in Nevada.”

“To put it bluntly: he didn’t have the guts to make tough choices,” Sisolak said of Trump’s handling of the virus. “He left that to governors and the states. Now he’s decided he doesn’t have to respect our State’s laws. As usual, he doesn’t believe the rules apply to him.”

The city of Henderson informed Xtreme Manufacturing on Sunday that the event as planned was in direct violation of the governor’s COVID-19 emergency directives and that penalties would follow. The Trump campaign pushed back against the restrictions.

Chicago Tribune

Meanwhile on Sunday, this happened…

Yes, pretty much…

Onward to Monday, otherwise know as President Insanity continues.

As of 11:30 AM, EST, sitting at 58, with 18 tweets and 40 retweets.

Samples of Monday’s tweets and RTs so far from earliest to latest.

@ 12:01 AM EST Monday.

@ 12:13 AM EST Monday.

President Insanity retweet’s a Rudy Giuliani made up, planted story from September 8 in the NY Post.

To the liberal media, special counsel Robert Mueller was the sharp, seasoned, no-nonsense prosecutor who would get to the bottom of “collusion.” But when Mueller testified before Congress on July 24, 2019, many were stunned to see a man struggling to answer basic questions.

Had his cognitive abilities declined during the probe?

The 76-year-old Mueller, members of President Trump’s defense team recalled, appeared to be a figurehead investigator, a man who seldom spoke or was even seen. On those rare occasions Trump’s lawyers had a chance to talk to the special counsel, Mueller’s aides appeared to be covering for his lapses in memory. So who was really in charge of the Mueller probe?

New York Post

By this logic wouldn’t that mean Durham has a mental capacity so low he’d be, well, Trump? 🤷‍♀️

In reference to the above, CNN reports “Two top Senate Republicans are pressing Justice Department officials to investigate whether special counsel Robert Mueller’s team violated federal record keeping laws during a probe by the Justice Department’s watchdog into the FBI’s Russia investigation.”

Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley on Friday pointed to a recent Freedom of Information Act release from the Justice Department that shows at least 27 instances of phones assigned to Mueller’s team being “wiped” or reset for various reasons, including 15 due to passcodes forgotten or being entered too many times.

In a letter to the Justice Department and FBI, Grassley questioned whether it was a “widespread intentional effort” given the “number of times and the stated reasons for the deletions.” He demanded that DOJ turn over all phone records from the Mueller team and any recovered records to the committee.

Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson asked that DOJ inspector general Michael Horowitz to investigate the matter and whether any wrongdoing occurred.

The Justice Department told CNN it was reviewing Grassley’s letter. A representative for Mueller declined to comment.

According to the DOJ records released this week in response to a FOIA petition by Judicial Watch and reviewed by CNN, Andrew Weissmann, who was the top prosecutor on Mueller’s team, is listed twice on separate dates. One record states: “AAW accidentally wiped cell phone — data lost”: a second states: “entered password too many times and wiped his phone.”

CNN has reached out to Weissmann for comment.


Maybe this was the problem? 🤔

Okay, I’ve run out of time. Lordy, I’ve been doing this for 4 hours and that’s all I got and there is so much more to cover, like the LA Sheriff’s getting busted lying about ‘crowd’s of protesters blocking ambulances’ having to overshadow the sad news about two police officers, one a mother, being ambushed.

We’ll leave all that for the Open Thread portion of today’s program.

Did I mention this is an Open Thread? So, go forth and thread about whatever your heart’s desire.

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