Trump Tweets to “Call me Kate,” for Wednesday’s Open Thread

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It’s Wednesday.

President Crazy Tweets has tweeted 17 times and retweeted 11 times so far for Wednesday.

In several of his tweets from Wednesday he peddles conspiracy theories and rumor, shocking very few people.

First he spreads the rumor that CNN personality Chris Cuomo admits he’s been accused of sexual harassment.

Newsweek explains that Tucker Carlson aired an audio clip that allegedly shows Cuomo and former President My Tinfoil is Tight’s fixer Michael Cohen discussing Cuomo’s annoyance at the media for attempting to find dirt on him in the form of a women complaining about anything from sexual harassment to rape.

“I’m always careful when I talk to media,” the person who Carlson says is Cuomo says in the clip. “Do you know how many f***ing phone calls I’ve gotten from people at ABC that reporters are calling and lying about things they heard about me to try and get stories about me from when I was at ABC?”

“They’re calling and saying, ‘I heard he was the Charlie Rose of ABC, that he used to invite women to the hotel and open his bathrobe.’ Do I look like the kind of f***ing guy whose gotta do that?”

In the next portion, the person who Carlson says is Cuomo appears to be speaking as if he were someone from the media, saying “‘I already have a good source that says that he forced one woman to have sex, I just want to know if you’ve heard anything like that.'”
“There is no woman!” he then says, denying anything like that ever took place. “There is nothing like that.”

Newsweek. 09/01/2020.

Michael Cohen weighed on the recording aired on Carlson’s show via Twitter.

In his next 6 tweets he promotes The Blaze Articles and Glenn Beck.

The article shares several tweets that show Joy Reid got push-back from several sides over her comments.

Joy Reid: When leaders let’s say in the Muslim World talk a lot of violent talk and encourage their supporters to be willing to commit violence including on their own bodies in order to win against whoever they decide is the enemy. We in the U.S. media describe that as they are radicalizing those people. Particularly when they are radicalizing young people. That’s how we talk about the way Muslims act.

An example of the push-back from civil rights attorney Zahra Billoo.

Reid weighed-in.

The Blaze article’s original source is, a local Greenbay, Wisconsin news channel.

According to WBAY Channel 2, on Saturday night, 23 year-old Matthew Banta, was charge with obstructing an officer and two counts of felony bail jumping.

The criminal compliant says that Banta is known  to be a violent Antifa member who incites violence in otherwise relatively peaceful protests.” Police say he’s known as “Commander Red.””

A responding officer says he saw four individuals walking towards a protest with baseball bats. One man was wearing a metal helmet with goggles and military-style gear with multiple pouches, and was carrying an Antifa flag. When the officer pulled his squad car in front of the group, they ran away. The officer caught Banta, who was carrying the flag, and says Banta “dropped into the fetal position and began crying.” He accused the officer of lying on him; the officer replied nobody was on him.

WBAY Channel 2. 08/31/2020.

Banta says he was heading to a protest in Greenbay, Wisconsin, but denies he was going there to incite a riot.

According to the linked The Blaze article Democratic Rep. Joseph Kennedy III failed in his quest to unseat incumbent Democrat Senator Ed Markey in Massachusetts Primary election.

According to the New York Times election results, Markey received 735,340 (55.5 percent) while Kennedy received 590,011 (44.5 percent.)

The above two tweets were featured in The Blaze article.

The above was featured in The Blaze article.

In the clip Beck warns that the Big Scary Tech companies are manipulating you explaining that according to posts over the weekend on Twitter that suggested when you type BLM is into the search bar it auto-filled with the suggests as “BLM is a Marxist Organization,” or funded by Marxists.

He says then that just a little while later, those auto-fill choices “disappeared,” replaced with BLM is Israel.

He goes on to whine about Google.

I tried it.

Google does show BLM Israel, when I hit enter, I get these hits…

The reason, because Google recognized the first two letters as the first two letters of the word Israel. As you can see in my search it dropped the word “is” altogether.

Here is the auto-fill in stages.

As you can see in the images, the purple-ish highlighted hits are because I already used those key-words as a search.

These are the hits I get when I click “BLM is”

This is from the hits page via Google.

In short Google and other websites, or tech in general is manipulated by the user and yes, Google does skew things, they do it, by placing the most popular hit links first. Scary stuff, indeed.

DuckDuckGo, a popular search engine for those that do not like to be “tracked” online.


As to why the sitting Impeached President linked states sending out in some cases absentee ballots without a voter requesting them to Scary Big Tech companies and Glenn Beck I have no idea.

Moving on from The Blaze and Beck he posts the question about the upcoming general Presidential Election.

Media Bias Fact rates “The National Pulse,” as mixed calling the org., “Questionable based on extreme right-wing bias, promotion of propaganda and conspiracy theories as well as affiliation with a known questionable group. (M. Huitsing 8/21/2017) Updated (4/28/2020).” 

The National Pulse got their story from an interview by Axios on HBO with the CEO of Hawkfish, a Democratic data and analytics firm, CEO Josh Mendelsohn.

Daniel Dale explains.

President Campaigner-in-Chief campaigns in his next few tweets, deleting one replacing it later.

screen grab via 09/02/2020.

On Tuesday President No Soup for You, went viral from comments from July 31st when he explained that anarchists were throwing bags of soup at cops.

The White House Transcript.

President No Soup for You: And then they have cans of soup. Soup. And they throw the cans of soup. That’s better than a brick because you can’t throw a brick; it’s too heavy. But a can of soup, you can really put some power into that, right?

And then, when they get caught, they say, “No, this is soup for my family.” They’re so innocent. “This is soup for my family.” It’s incredible. And you have people coming over with bags of soup — big bags of soup. And they lay it on the ground, and the anarchists take it and they start throwing it at our cops, at our police. And if it hits you, that’s worse than a brick because that’s got force. It’s the perfect size. It’s, like, made perfect.

And when they get caught, they say, “No, this is just soup for my family.” And then the media says, “This is just soup. These people are very, very innocent. They’re innocent people. These are just protesters. Isn’t it wonderful to allow protesting?” No, there’s — and, by the way, the media knows it better than we do. They know what’s going on. I don’t know what’s wrong with them. They’re doing our country a tremendous disservice — I’ll say that.

On Tuesday evening in part 2 of the Fox News Laura Ingraham interview, President Completely Unfit for Office, I’ve no Idea How he Has Supporters explained that he in 2016, won the popular vote because there was mass cheating in California and New York.

He also says he is somewhat Libertarian just ask Senator Rand Paul. He then suggests that Jailhouse Jill Stein was the Libertarian candidate, when in fact that was former New Mexico Governor, Gary Johnson.

He moves on to obsess over Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi getting a hair cut.

USA TODAY explains that Pelosi got her hair cut on Monday the day before California lifted some coronavirus restrictions on Salons, which in a limited form were able to open on Tuesday.

Her spokesman Drew Hammill confirmed the haircut happened, “The Speaker always wears a mask and complies with local COVID requirements. This business offered for the Speaker to come in on Monday and told her they were allowed by the city to have one customer at a time in the business. The Speaker complied with the rules as presented to her by this establishment.”

On Tuesday in Kenosha, Wisconsin, this happened.

Face covering in public are required according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel until September 5th.

Elected leaders hypocrisy knows no bounds.

He switches back to campaigning for his next two tweets.

Speaking of ENTHUSIASM!

He informs of us of his travel plans with his next tweet.

President Fearmonger fear mongers with his next tweet while trying out a new nickname for Biden.

Kennedy lost to the incumbent, it shows that the incumbent Senator a Democrat is popular.

Our sitting President is 5 years old and proving once again he is completely and totally unfit for office.

In not related news, but further proof he and his whole orbit are unfit for office.

This post might be updated.

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