Citizen’s Congress: Masks

I expect we’re moving toward a time when President Trump is no longer in office, and more importantly no longer demanding and receiving attention 24/7.

In an effort to shift from focusing on problems to discussing solutions, I’d like to present an issue of concern and ask for potential solutions… if not complete, at least movement in the right direction.

In mind of that, here’s a chance for anyone and everyone to chime in with their ideas to help address perceived problems… and that absolutely includes making the case that a problem, as presented, isn’t really a problem at all. It’s meant to emulate a think tank or the floor of Congress (albeit without Robert’s Rules of Order.) That’s complete with active pushback or disagreement with people, but in a respectful and considered way.

Please be encouraged to visit back and argue over any aspect of the issue… no matter how sweeping or minute… throughout the weekend. And, on Sunday evening, if you have any suggestions for future topics to address, please leave them in the comment section.

Problem: We have conclusive evidence that wearing masks diminishes transmission rates of the novel coronavirus. For a variety of reasons, many people are still refusing to wear them. How would you suggest we move to a situation where more people are wearing masks while in public spaces?

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