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As the election grinds nearer, and we look forward to what’s to come, one thing becomes apparent: more writers would be very helpful.

My wife’s hitting the end of the Russian ads, and while she has other material available on media manipulation efforts (as will be seen this weekend), we’re looking to transition to other items for the weekends, with an eye toward providing influence-exposing posts irregularly and the possibility of virtual trips and/or links to camera feeds for weekend threads. Beth has been hitting the notes every day like clockwork… but we are all aware of her bouts with illness (and continue to wish her a full recovery.) Tiff, thankfully, is approaching a time where she can ignore the tweets of a lunatic. For my part, there have been a number of times recently where I have been very tempted to simply walk away (and, to be fair, as my wife has been filling in on weekends in part as a favor to me, that’d mean those articles would go too.)

Steve’s still behind the scenes making sure everything stays operational, and he’s been able to provide pieces again recently, but his business has cyclical busy time and it’s rapidly approaching. Richard has thankfully been doing heavy lifting every other day for the Owl. Halo has filled in when needed, which is greatly appreciated. But the fact remains that we’re on a bit of a shoestring, here, and there are forces at play which have threatened to knock down the frequency of regular updates.

We’ve mentioned before that we can use some additional pieces, and they have come in and been greatly appreciated… Halo and Richard, in particular, but we’ve seen contributions from a dozen or more others. If you think you might be interested in jumping in with some writing, let me encourage you to do so. It’s been a while since I made any similar post, and the possibility may have drifted out of mind.

As far as I’m concerned, this will always be the site of Beth, Lenny, Steve and Tiff, with me coming in as the first of many others who have claimed a piece of site history for ourselves. If you want to write, please feel encouraged… and if you’ve submitted a piece and nobody’s gotten back to you about it, please feel encouraged to club us over the head about it in the comment section when you see a mod in there. We (read: I) can sometimes be grossly oblivious to things like story contributions and a gentle nudge with a cudgel to the head can be helpful.

Those of you who have been kicking in money? Financial contributions to keep us afloat are always welcome. Please don’t take this as a dismissal of your aid in any way. It’s honestly and greatly appreciated. But writers would be helpful, too, and this seems like an opportune time to raise that issue.

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