President Biden’s Failures

Former Vice President Joe Biden August 13th, 2020. Photo by Adam Schultz/ Biden for President.

Sometimes we can look ahead and see an obvious issue. Talking about it beforehand can prepare people for when predictable events occur. Two years ago I addressed many of the issues we were going to face with reconciling following the loss of Trump. Now I’d like to address something else: the failures of President Biden.

Many people are desperate for change, and Election Day itself has been built up as such an emotional issue that people will be jubilant at the loss. I will not be… and not for the reason most might think. It’s not because of my concerns about Biden, it’s because I am truly convinced that he’s going to win, and I’ve enjoyed little moments of bubbly hope at random times throughout the last week or two. Most people will be celebrating, and I’ll already be mostly past that.

I recognize that Trump still has a chance, numerically. I also recognize that unless something catastrophic happens to Biden between now and the election, that chance is virtually zero. If something dramatic occurs, you’ll see me change my tune in a hurry. Currently there’s no reason for that.

Biden has many hopes imbued in him. That can be dangerous. Intellectually, everyone realizes that he is going to be unable to enact policy until January 20th. Emotionally, many are going to be facing the three months between his election and his inauguration and developing some resentment that they’re still stuck in the Trumpian nightmare. None of that will be Biden’s fault, but people will start to give him a little residual blame… just a little, because Trump will be in charge.

Starting on January 20th, that will change. Biden will be in charge. Those who lost the election will start blaming him for everything that happens. Because of all of the mess he’ll have inherited, his voters will be inclined to defend him on every point. In truth, he’ll be able to enact change only incrementally and he will deserve both credit and blame for various issues.

It’s easy to say this now, beforehand. It sounds obvious, because it is obvious. But emotions have a way of sneaking past logical defenses. As weeks pass, Biden is going to start getting blame for not correcting many of the nation’s problems.

This is the time that believers in the Constitutional system should shine.

We need to be prepared to remind people of one simple truth: Biden isn’t their savior. He’ll be the President.

It will not be his job to rid the country of COVID-19; it will be his job to facilitate treatments and help to educate the populace about safety precautions. The responsibility for eliminating the disease lies on the backs of the people, the President is only supposed to ensure they have the ability to do so. Similarly, job creation. Similarly, social interaction. It’s not Biden’s job to run the economy nor to end acrimony. These are the jobs of the populace.

My core concern with Democrats has always been that there is a bent toward belief that direct intervention is needed from government to cure the ills of society. I don’t agree with that notion. Biden will have many expectations placed upon him – inappropriately, I believe. If we’re to move ahead as a nation, it’s going to necessitate us accepting our responsibilities in cleaning up the mess and not waiting for a President to do it.

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