TNB Night Owl – Fat Bottomed Grrs

Standing Alaskan brown bear, photo by Alan Vernon

Your vote counts, now more than ever.

No, not for the national elections, this is the Owl. I’m talking about Fat Bear Week, a yearly event held by in conjunction with the Katmai National Park in Alaska. During the week, bears go head to head in fierce battles of weight gain, with viewers encouraged to make their selections on which ursine has best padded themselves in preparation for hibernation.

A photo is provided of what a specific bear looked like in the summer months, and another, far more recent photo is presented for comparison. Viewers are supposed to pick which one they thought gained the most across the weeks, although people have been known to simply select their favorite to move forward Voting started today, and continues through until a champion is selected on Fat Bear Tuesday, October 6.

The contest organizers have a carefully arranged bracket on their web site… and as it’s the only place people can vote, you’re going to need to head over there if you want to participate. If you don’t, though, and you’re just in the mood to watch some bears, here are some of the webcam streams set up throughout the park.

Question of the night: What is a national park you haven’t visited, but would like to?

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