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One recurring theme in fiction is whether someone who plays into another’s hands, while recognizing they are doing so, is being controlled. Obviously they’re not truly deceived, but by the same token they are being manipulated… but does it count as manipulation if the effort is recognized? In its best iterations, the question itself is left nebulous, such as in the famous Frank Stockton tale of “The Lady or the Tiger?”

I write that only to say, yes, I know I’m falling for it… but I’m going to contribute to a viral marketing campaign anyway.

The people behind Temptations cat treats have created something feline-centric for Halloween… supposedly. They made a short film filled with images and noises designed to keep cats observant but not overly excited, with a payoff at the end. It is, simply, a horror movie for cats.

In reality, while it will keep the focus of many cats for four minutes or so, it’s not going to scare any of them. They payoff involves cucumbers. For those who don’t understand the significance of that, I present one of dozens of highly viewed recordings of cats being startled by the vegetable.

(Yes, I know that a cucumber is actually a fruit. This is an Owl about a silly cat horror movie, not edible plant nomenclature.)

The general consensus on cat reactions to cucumbers is simple: some cats seem to believe they are snakes, and act accordingly. What this means is that even those cats who seem to be afraid of cucumbers – and many don’t react to them – are going to scramble away when they encounter one beside them, but aren’t going to care if they see one on a television screen.

So, the Temptations people have created a video designed to hold a cat’s attention, and it has a horror movie payoff… but no cat will be disturbed by it. This is a certain sign that the movie, while supposedly being made for domestic pets, was actually meant to appeal to the pet owners.

Which does make sense, as the owners are the ones likely to purchase their product.

Still, it’s a clever little item, and it’s just odd enough in concept to earn a mention here. So to the marketing team for the treat company… good job.

Question of the night: It’s Saturday night, and a good time for some film clips or music… what’s a non-political humor video that’s made you smile?

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