Trump Tweets “GET OUT & VOTE”, for Tuesday’s Open Thread

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It’s Tuesday.

President Possibly Patient Zero has tweeted 12 times and retweeted 0 times so far for Tuesday.

In his first tweet he explains that political rival Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden has taken a “more Liberal position on Roe v. Wade,” adding in the second tweet that “Biden and the Democrats,” have “just clarified,” they are in favor of not only “LATE TERM ABORTION,” but are in favor of murdering already born babies. He also screams in both tweets to “GET OUT AND VOTE!”.

Joe Biden just took a more Liberal position on Roe v. Wade…

During a town-hall on Monday, Biden was asked about the new Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett who is likely to be confirmed to the bench and what he would do as President, if she was the deciding factor in over turning Roe v. Wade.

Biden explains that first, we aren’t exactly sure what a Justice Barrett would do, but the expectation is she will likely join the other conservative Justice’s and overrule Roe. He then says that the responsible thing to do would be *checks notes* pass legislation making Roe the law of the land…

Biden and Democrats just clarified the fact that they are fully in favor of (very) LATE TERM ABORTION, right up until the time of birth, and beyond…

Newsweek explains in response to President Liar’s second tweet:

[background on Roe.]

The Supreme Court’s rulings in Roe and in Planned Parenthood v. Casey say that states may ban abortion after the fetus reaches viability, which typically occurs near the end of the second trimester, according to the fact-checking service Logically. The cases mandate that states with such bans must allow an exception if it’s necessary to preserve the life or health of the mother—which some conservatives interpret as the law allowing for late-term abortions.

[What the Washington Post was told Biden’s stance is.]

When The Washington Post asked whether Biden supported restrictions, a campaign representative said that Biden believes in the terms laid out by Roe and Casey.

Newsweek. 10/06/2020.

Biden even endorsed the Governor of Virginia, who stated this clearly for all to hear…

On January 30th, 2019 the Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam was asked on WTOP News Radio about late-term abortion he said:

Northam said the controversy regarding made by Del. Kathy Tran on her late-term abortion bill was “overblown.”
Tran acknowledged during a hearing that her bill would allow abortions up until moments before birth. But existing state law already provides for abortions throughout the third trimester, if three doctors certify a woman’s health would otherwise be substantially and irremediably impaired.

Tran’s bill would reduce the number of doctors required to certify late-term abortions from three to one. It also would delete the words “substantially and irremediably” when referring to the threat that continuing a pregnancy poses for impairing a woman’s health.

“I wasn’t there and I certainly can’t speak for Delegate Tran,” Northam said, but he added, “This is why decisions should be made by providers, physicians, mothers and fathers.”

Northam, a doctor, said that such procedures happen “where there may be severe deformities [or] a fetus that’s nonviable.”
He explained, “The infant would be delivered; the infant would be kept comfortable; the infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desire, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”

Northam added, “This is why legislators, most of whom are men, by the way, shouldn’t be telling a woman what she should and shouldn’t be doing with her body. … We want the government not to be involved in these types of decisions.”

He said that he would still support the notion of requiring certification from more than one doctor: “I think it’s always good to get a second opinion.”

WTOP News Radio. 01/30/2019.

In his third tweet, which I’m not allowed to actually post now, he lied about how many flu related deaths we suffer each year, said that covid-19 is less lethal for some people, and told us we are “learning to live,” with the deadly virus.

This is what I see, when I attempt to copy a link to the tweet itself.

For editorial thoughts on the tweet @ the News Blender.

The CDC estimates that during the 2018-2019 flu season; was associated with more than 35.5 million illnesses, more than 16.5 million medical visits, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths during the 2018–2019 influenza season. This burden was similar to estimated burden during the 2012–2013 influenza season1.

CDC data shows for October 5th, 2020 covid-19 update:

On February 7th, Asshole explained in private that the coronavirus was serious, it was airborne, and deadlier than the seasonal flu.

On Monday when Heartless Asshole posted that he was leaving Walter Reed hospital and told us that we shouldn’t let covid-19 dominate our lives, Amanda Kloots, widow of Broadway actor Nick Cordero, took to Instagram and posted the following message, “I cried next to my husband for 95 days watching what COVID did to the person I love.”

View this post on Instagram

To all the over 208,000 Americans who lost loved ones to this virus – I stand by you, with you, holding your hand. Unfortunately it did dominate our lives didn’t it? It dominated Nick’s family’s lives and my family’s lives. I guess we “let it” – like it was our choice?? Unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to spend two days in the hospital. I cried next to my husband for 95 days watching what COVID did to the person I love. It IS something to be afraid of. After you see the person you love the most die from this disease you would never say what this tweet says. There is no empathy to all the lives lost. He is bragging instead. It is sad. It is hurtful. It is disgraceful.

A post shared by AK! ⭐️ (@amandakloots) on

He goes on to explain in his next 4 tweets that he is, FEELING GREAT, that he looks forward to the next debate, that it’s residents of New Mexico’s last day to register to vote, and that he is “much better for SENIORS than Sleepy!”

In his next three tweets he posts propaganda videos.

As a woman, I can safely say he does not have my vote, neither does the Republican party…

The Asshole is still sick, he’s downplaying the virus, still, even after experiencing it, because I’m sure, he doesn’t want to cause “panic.”

In his next tweet he explains that “Fake News Media,” is refusing to cover how good the “Economy and Stock Market is,” and all they want to talk about is “COVID 19,” without mentioning the economy.

Gee, it’s a mystery how come Covid-19 would be covered in the news.

Some economic highlights.

For his last tweet so far for Tuesday he offers a campaign slogan without context, shocking no one.

Repealing Section 230, would do nothing to prevent Twitter from labeling or removing his dumbass misleading often lying tweets. What would happen by making it so Twitter was libel for the content posted by each user, is basically remove his whole account, as he would be a liability risk.

Private companies are allowed to censor you, you as the free to use user agree to follow their terms of service [which is free], when you sign up for an account. This means if Twitter wanted to they could ban words like “the,” and “loser,” they don’t as that would be silly, but they could do it, without violating our Constitutional rights, because THEY ARE NOT THE GOVERNMENT. Sorry, for all capping at you, but damn, our right to “free speech” means the government can’t ban the words “the” and “loser,” it doesn’t mean Instagram and Snapchat can’t.

I’m so very tired of the misrepresentation from both the Right and the Left on the issue of “free speech,” we have the right to say what we will against, for, or about our government or anything really, only the government can violate our freedom. Only they are held to account.

Now, granted there are laws, libel and slander, plus laws that don’t allow us to yell fire in a crowded area when there is none, but those laws don’t change the fundamentals of our freedom of speech, it is as it has always been from the government preventing us from speaking. We can and they aka the government can’t stop us.


President Quarantined has added 5 more tweets to his Tuesday.

In his 13th tweet he whines about how Biden was treated during his townhall on Monday night.

What a disgrace to our Country that FREE public airwaves can be used that way…

Can’t take him seriously, considering he calls pressers daily in order to use the “FREE,” public airwaves to campaign from our White House.

In his next 4 tweets he explains that he has advised his representatives to stop working on another Covid-19 stimulus package until after the election.

And then because he’s a pussy ass bitch…

Let it sink in, he has tanked the market on purpose to scare us, into supporting him or else he’ll continue to tank the market.


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