TNB Night Owl – Music for a November Fourth

Fireworks over the Washington Monument. 1986

Let’s be honest, tonight no one wants to think about or talk about anything other than the election. So, in lieu of anything heavy, I’ve elected to provide upbeat, fun, happy music (except for the second one — maybe you can guess to which group of people that one is dedicated). There will be an obligatory Question of the Night as usual, although it is obligatory on my part to offer it, not on your part to answer it.

The track list starts hot and fast, but finishes slow and mellow to help get you ready for a little well-earned rest. Enjoy the music. Dance if you feel like it. I did.

Sam & Dave “Hold On, I’m Coming” (2:36):

“Vanilla Fudge – Keep Me Hangin’ On” (7:30):

“Focus – Hocus Pocus Live ’73” (4:55):

“Electric Light Orchestra – Mr. Blue Sky (Official Video)” (4:55):

“Three Dog Night Joy to the world TV studio 1971” (3:11):

“Tommy James & the Shondells – Crystal Blue Persuasion – 1970” (3:30):

“Johnny Nash – I Can See Clearly Now” (2:57):

“The Spinners – Could It Be I’m Falling In Love (1973) (HDTV)” (4:24):

Dinah Washington “What A Difference A Day Makes” (2:35):

“Etta James – At Last (HQ)” (2:59):

Obligatory Question of the Night: Of the tunes above, which one do you like most?

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