TNB Night Owl – Piano Hits Of The Seventies

PIANO BAR neon light
PIANO BAR neon light. From the Billy Joel video, "Piano Man". Image captured by the News Blender.

In a decade dominated by Rock ‘n Roll, Soul/R&B, and Disco, most people wouldn’t immediately think of piano when they think of the seventies. Once I started thinking about it, there were far more than could be comfortably squeezed into a Night Owl. This representative selection were big hits in their day and got plenty of air time on the radio.

1970 – Carpenters “[They Long To Be] Close To You” (3:43):

1971 – “Elton John – Your Song (Top Of The Pops 1971)” (3:49):

1972 – “Gilbert O’Sullivan – Alone Again (original version)” (3:35):

1972 – Jackson Browne “Doctor My Eyes” (3:20):

1973 – “The Sting 1973 Soundtrack (8) – The Entertainer (Piano Version)” (2:36):

1973 – “Billy Joel – Piano Man (Video)” (5:42):

1973 – “Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Lyrics” (3:14):

1974 – “BILLY PRESTON * Nothing from Nothing  1974  HQ” (3:39):

1974 – “Elton John – Bennie And The Jets (Official Music Video)” (5:49):

1977 – “Paul Davis- I go crazy” (4:12):

1977 “THE BABYS – Isn’t It Time – John Waite” (4:29):

1978 – “The Babys – Every Time I Think Of You – [STEREO]” (4:05):

1979 – “Music Box Dancer – Frank Mills” (3:14):

Question of the Night: What other hits featuring piano can you think of? (Does not necessarily have to be from the seventies).

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