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Christmas gifts. Photo by Kelvin Kay.

Two years ago, Mark Rober introduced himself to much of the world with a viral video showcasing his solution to porch pirates. It was a package which contained four cellphones which were set to automatically trigger GPS tracking and camera mode, and would then upload the camera footage directly to Rober. The recording was for the package’s other surprises… foul-smelling mister (“fart spray”) and a huge shower of biodegradable glitter.

In the two years since the video was widely distributed, some state legislatures have plugged the hole in the system which was encouraging some of the thieves. While federal law is designed to address packages in mailboxes and authorized areas, states may now have laws which extend similar penalties to those caught taking packages from areas around homeowners’ doorways. But legislators haven’t been the only people tackling the problem. Mark Rober has continued, creating Glitter Bomb 2.0 and now a 3.0 version.

There are a few things that are on many holiday checklists. Wrapped packages. Pictures. Brightly colorful and shiny things. Movies set around the holidays, like Home Alone. And, with a new video every year, tradition. Glitter Bomb 3.0 is, in my eyes, a perfect fit for the holiday season.

In an admittedly frustrating time, it’s entertaining to watch some criminals get their comeuppance. Depending on your interpretation of the footage, it can also be quite saddening; in many instances, children can be seen in the homes where the glitter bombs are being opened, and on at least one occasion the bomb was used as a way for someone to educate their child in the ways of theft.

In a couple of the instances recorded, the packages’ fame precedes them and recognition of what has been taken can be heard. Still, there is some footage of amazement and surprise. Lest viewers be left with a terrible image of humanity, Rober also presents a few instances of where the packages were left outside an apartment complex with a phone number and apartment number on a shipping label. He points out that 90% of people do the right thing and leave other peoples’ property alone… and that while 3% stole it, the other 7% went above and beyond to help a stranger, with most of those calling the number to inform the recipient that a package had been inappropriately left in a public area and a handful going above and beyond, taking time out of their day to personally cart the packages to the designated apartment.

Positive message? We can check that one off of the holiday list, too.

Question of the night: What are some sequels that you particularly enjoyed?

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