What Fresh Hell is This? Wednesday’s Open Thread

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It’s Wednesday aka Christmas Eve-Eve.

Wednesday marks What Fresh Hell is This?, Day 49.

As of 9:13 a.m. D.C., time, President Pardon’s War Criminals, has so far not tweeted, I’m sure, that will change before publish time.

To finish What Fresh Hell is This?, Day 48, he tweeted 5 more times.

At 7:15 p.m. D.C., time he posted a 4 minute and 9 second video clip that threatened to veto the recently passed Consolidated Appropriations Act, of 2021, unless Congress removes financial aid to foreign countries, D.C., art museums, and adds a $2,000 cash payment to American’s.

He concludes his shouty remarks by saying; or else the new administration will have to deliver covid relief package and maybe that administration will be me.

Just so it’s clear, the bill itself, while billed as a covid-19 relief package, by both parties, and the media, it is not a covid-19 relief package. It was a spending bill intended to include some covid-19 relief, while also averting a government shutdown.

A few minutes before 7:15 D.C., time, the White House announced that President Pardons, Pardoned 15 people.

In the statement President Pardons for Political Favors said that he pardoned Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins at the request of “members of Congress.”

The statement doesn’t say who requested the George Papadopoulous pardon, simply writing in the last sentence; Today’s pardon helps correct the wrong that Mueller’s team inflicted on so many people.

Alex van der Zwaan, a Dutch citizen who was deported after serving a thirty-day sentence after pleading guilty to a felony false-statement charge, was granted a pardon following a request made by former Congressman, Trey Gowdy.

The requests to pardon, Nicholas Slatten, Paul Slough, Evan Liberty, and Dustin Heard, former U.S. service members who worked as contractors for Blackwater in 2007 and had been convicted on charges related to the Nisour Square in Baghdad massacre that led to the death of 17 Iraqi civilians including to boys age 8 and 11, were supported by:

The pardon of these four veterans is broadly supported by the public, including Pete Hegseth, and elected officials such as Rep. Louie Gohmert, Rep. Paul Gosar, Rep. Ralph Norman, Rep. Bill Flores, Rep. Brian Babin, Rep. Michael Burgess, Rep. Daniel Webster, Rep. Steve King, and Rep. Ted Yoho.

White House Statement. 12/22/2020.

After pardoning 15 people and commuting the sentence of 5 other people and blasting the spending bill to distract from the pardons, that as near as I can tell did not once again go through the proper pardon process, President Pathetic, Pathetically attacked Republican Senate Majority Leader, and Republican Senator John Thune.

Thune the Senate Majority Whip joined other Senate leaders on Tuesday December 15th, 2020, a day after the Electors across the country met, casting their votes for President, making it again, official, that President-Elect Biden, is President-Elect Biden, telling their Republican caucus not to attempt to challenge certification of the Electors, on January 6th.

Politico explained the concern of the Republican Senate leaders was that it would place Republicans in a tough spot because they’d be forced to “vote it down and appear against President Donald Trump.”

He wasn’t done tweeting out cray-cray stuff @ 8:08 p.m. D.C., time, he posted without comment a clip from OAN which shares a video of what the voice-over claims shows a person in Fulton County, Georgia, run the same stack of ballots through the vote tabulation machine.

The clip is 1 minute and 44 seconds. I won’t bore you with exact quotes, okay, I’m doing that for selfish reasons, I simply don’t want to have to listen 10 or so times, to make sure, I’m quoting the video accurately.

Anyhoo, moving on, the clip says that Ruby Freeman, illegally re-scanned already scanned ballots. The clip goes on to say that Georgia officials have attempted to dismiss the claims, but so far, they haven’t offered explanation to why the same ballots were scanned repeatedly.

Here is the problem with the theory that you can scan the same ballot over and over. The machine counts the votes, if Freeman had re-scanned the same stack of ballots repeatedly, the machine count would show more votes than voters, which would have been caught, during the two hand counts of the ballots.

Following up his OAN clip at 8:18 p.m. D.C., time, he says, while sharing another OAN clip this time featuring the Newt Gingrich op-ed, that “we are going to WIN!!!”.

The clip is 36 seconds long, the voice over explains that Gingrich has no “interest “pretending that the current election results are legitimate.””

The Op-Ed appeared in the Washington Times on Monday. According to Gingrich he was asked by a moderate liberal friend how come he was not recognizing President-Elect Biden as the next President. He says this friend of his explained; Mr. Biden had gotten more votes, and historically we recognize the person with the most votes. Normally, we accept the outcome of elections just as we accept the outcomes of sporting events.

The friend went on to ask Gingrich, why was 2020 different?

As I thought about it, I realized my anger and fear were not narrowly focused on votes. My unwillingness to relax and accept that the election grew out of a level of outrage and alienation unlike anything I had experienced in more than 60 years involvement in public affairs.

[the OAN clip voice over mentions the quote “more than 60 years involvement in public affairs,” after the voice over explains “ballot rejection rates were much lower than in other elections years.”

[He says that the left and the right live in alternative worlds. and his world] is the populist rebellion which believes we are being destroyed, our liberties are being cancelled and our religions are under assault.

[He rambles for a bit and mentions that Trump was like Andrew Jackson, the left wanted to Impeach Trump before he even took office, and rehashes the Spygate nonsense before he explains] When I watch story after story about election fraud being spiked — without even the appearance of journalistic due diligence or curiosity — I know something is sick.

The election process itself was the final straw in creating the crisis of confidence which is accelerating and deepening for many millions of Americans.

Aside from a constant stream of allegations of outright fraud, there are some specific outrages — any one of which was likely enough to swing the entire election.

Officials in virtually every swing state broke their states’ own laws to send out millions of ballots or ballot applications to every registered voter. It was all clearly documented in the Texas lawsuit, which was declined by the U.S. Supreme Court based on Texas’ procedural standing — not the merits of the case. That’s the election.

[He blames the never-Trump debate commission who he says] spiked the second debate at a critical time in order to hurt President Trump. If there had been one more debate like the final one, it likely would have been pivotal.

This is just the beginning. But any one of those things alone is enough for Trump supporters to think we have been robbed by a ruthless establishment — which is likely to only get more corrupt and aggressive if it gets away with these blatant acts.

[He concludes his piece by writing] I write this in genuine sorrow, because I think we are headed toward a serious, bitter struggle in America. This extraordinary, coordinated four-year power grab threatens the fabric of our country and the freedom of every American.

Washington Times. 12/21/2020.

He concludes his Tuesday tweeting at 9:04 p.m. D.C., time by posting another video statement, this time, laying out his same tired claims that the election was rigged, and that President-Elect Biden, couldn’t possibly have won, without fraud.

The clip is 9 minutes and 53 seconds long on Twitter. The full video is 13 minutes and 53 seconds posted to Facebook.

Daniel Dale had to add that no President Loser did not break him, no he isn’t exhausted, which he shouldn’t be, as he took almost all of November following the election off, and that he just doesn’t think it makes sense to re-debunk the same election fraud claims.

I’m team Dale on this, we have for over 40 days, debunked, re-dunked, explained, and picked apart, all of the claims about rigged elections that weren’t rigged at all. At this point, unless he retweets the absurd lawsuit filed in D.C., where a group of crazies wants to sue the Electoral College.

He isn’t saying anything new, that hasn’t been dismissed out of court, debunked by state officials, or just so outlandish, nobody even noticed the claim, and he moved on as if he were Flash to never mention that claim again.

Minutes after I hit publish he’s tweeted.

12:08 p.m. D.C., time.

1. Blah blah blah Republicans in Georgia are “terrible people!”.

This is also happening in Georgia today.

On the 14th, of December it was announced that Georgia would do an audit on signatures following reports that Cobb County failed to following verification rules. At the time they said it would be completed in two weeks.

Noteworthy from the Georgia meeting.

All of this nonsense, the theories, the debunking, the repetitiveness of it, is taking it’s toll, on people simply trying to do their jobs. All that will end up happening is human errors will increase not decrease.

We should remember that these claims are actually effecting real people beyond just elected officials.

This post might be updated.

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