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Sith Cat.

Last week, people began sending around a video of astronaut Scott Kelly. His brother and fellow astronaut (and now Senator) Mark had smuggled a gorilla suit onto the International Space Station, and Scott used it for a prank. He hid inside the package, changed into the costume, and then surprised the other astronauts by chasing one around.

Meanwhile, a group that hasn’t been prominent for a few years, the Gregory Brothers, got together with Weird Al and made a video a few months ago which received more immediate attention than they’d had since their days of “Winning”. Yesterday they dropped a new tune and with more than 230K views already, they may be rising back toward their old levels of video prominence.

Or talking animals, which have become their own subset of videos on Tiktok and Youtube but trace their popularity back for about a decade…

These events have given me a rationale to present this Owl as a moment of respite after a day of rampant insanity. We need a laugh sometimes, and that’s nothing new. We’ve needed a laugh in the past. It seems that people are noticing that and may be bringing back some old humor. I thought I’d participate.

Like flash mobs. Let’s be honest, most of them were pretty stupid. But every once in a while it was actually funny.

I’m going to stop there… but I’ll ask for a little participation, from anyone who wants to help.

Question of the night: What’s a pre-2020 humor clip (video, stand-up, television, movie, etc…) you particularly enjoyed?

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