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New Year celebrations have traditionally included remembrance of old friends and days gone by. It’s a custom that goes back centuries, though in recent times people seem to overlook the practice. The Scottish poet Robert Burns submitted Auld Lang Syne to the Scots Musical Museum in 1788 along with a letter saying that he had heard it from an old man and had written it all down, ostensibly for posterity. Burns wasn’t the first to document the sentiments. Similar poems with similar words were published by Robert Ayton, Allan Ramsay, and James Watson, all prior to Burns’ famous ballad. Set to music, the song is often sung not just on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, but on most any occasion marking the ending of one thing and the beginning of another. The song and tradition achieved global popularity and fame thanks to emigrating Scots, who brought the custom with them to their new homes around the world.

It’s a wonderful tradition, one that I had never fully appreciated until reading the Scottish lyrics and the English translation. You can review them for yourself: Beth wrote a touching and informative article about Auld Lang Syne two years ago that’s just as relevant and meaningful now as it was then.

There are a wide variety of fine videos available featuring Auld Lang Syne. Here are just a handful. No need to watch them all (unless you want to, if course). The first one is for us old timers, and old timers at heart.

“AULD LANG SYNE ~ GUY LOMBARDO ~ 1947 Version” (2:30):

This version is included here for the excellent on-screen lyrics with simultaneous translation.

“Auld Lang Syne  – Original Scottish with English Translation” (3:20):

Had to include this one for the genuine Scottish brogue the bonnie lass sings with, and for the scenic views of Scotland.

“Auld Lang Syne – Highland Saga Official Version | Maeve MacKinnon feat. Pipers Of The World” (3:29):

You can never go wrong with Rod Stewart, especially this rousing rendition.

“Rod Stewart – Auld Lang Syne (Live at Stirling Castle)” (3:59):

Speaking of class, this classy lady singing this classic on this occasion is obligatory.

“Ella Fitzgerald Sings “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?”” (3:38):

Since going out to watch fireworks this year is taboo, here are three videos of New Year celebrations that have already taken place on the other side of our planet.

Here’s to a Happy 2021 New Year!

“Welcome to 2021: Auckland’s Sky Tower hosts spectacular fireworks show” (8:15):

“New Year’s 2021: Sydney, Australia puts on stunning fireworks display” (7:30):

“New Year’s 2021: Dubai puts on dazzling fireworks show from iconic Burj Khalifa” (7:55):

Question of the Night: Your resolution(s) for 2021? …and/or post your favorite feel-good, happy & optimistic music videos!

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