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Las Vegas, Nevada Welcome Sign. Photo by Thomas Wolf.

Every city has its history, and many cities have central features. Fort Worth has its stockyards, Pittsburgh was famous for steel, New York has Broadway theater and Wall Street. Las Vegas, for all that it is a city of diverse interests – they have the hoover dam, a hockey team, a university campus – will always be primarily associated with casinos.

Casinos rise and fall like any other business, and many of the giant lights that once brightened the famed Strip have been removed to make way for new structures. Change is a function of life, and places that were favored one year can find themselves comparatively empty if they don’t keep up with trending demands.

Still, there’s nothing more “Vegas” than appealing to tourists, and if an interest exists, someone will try to take advantage of it. This may be one of the concepts behind the Neon Museum. Its two and a half acres houses many of the key signs from now-defunct casinos, along with displays showing the history of the strip.

What does it look like? Here’s a taste:

And here’s another one featuring the Tim Burton collection:

As one might expect, it’s best to visit at or after dusk. And if you, like many, are currently missing a little vacation experience, they’ve set something up for anyone who wants someplace to visit without leaving the safety of their homes. It’s a 360 degree tour, and for a one-time fee of $10 it allows people to take a look around via computer. Not quite the same as being there, but it’s also only half the regular price.

Never underestimate the ability of the Las Vegas Strip to separate people from their cash, even after a casino has closed down and during a pandemic.

Question of the night: What museums or experiences would you pay to have a 360 degree virtual experience for?

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