TNB Night Owl – An Assortment Of Shorts

Bear surprises hunter.
Bear surprises hunter. Image captured by the News Blender.

Happy New Week, everyone. I hope you all enjoyed springing forward this weekend as much as I did (not). Well, there can be no denying this Night Owl has issues. For starters, I got a very late start on it so in the interest of saving time and making the publishing deadline, I decided to simply share a few entertaining, interesting, and informative videos that I’ve run across lately without an excess of word salad. However, YouTube slapped my wrist and said, ‘no you may not embed videos from the shorts category’. (Sads.) No amount of working around the embed ban helped at all, succeeding only in the needless-burning-of-time-that-I-did-not-have category. In lieu of embedded video, a link to the video in a new tab or window is provided. Most of the videos are a minute long or less.

“Carving Logo and Filling With Epoxy”.

“Two dogs getting paws cleaned as different as night and day”.

“Dogs panic when owner swings out and falls into lake, then swim out to rescue him”.

“Saving an eagle from an octopus”.

“Cutting Down A Big Tree #shorts”.

“How to Make a Furniture Repair #shorts”.

“Making A Log Pencil Holder”.

“Bear climbs hunters stand”.

“Hunter Experiences Close Encounter With Bear in Tree Stand”.

Question of the Night: Which video topic did you enjoy most?

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