TNB Night Owl – Random Mellow Music From The Seventies

The Eagles, in concert. Image captured by the News Blender.

Sometimes, music to soothe the soul is just what’s needed. I can’t even come up with anything deep to say that could add anything to the music or the lyrics. This is a random collection of mellow tunes from a chaotic decade. I guess they wrote the best mellow tunes because that’s just what they needed.

Hello It’s Me (1972) Todd Rundgren

I Saw The Light (1972) Todd Rundgren

A Horse With No Name (1972) America

Diamond Girl (1973) Seals and Crofts

So Very Hard To Go (1973) Tower Of Power

Take It To The Limit (1975) Eagles

Show Me The Way (1975 and again in 1976) Peter Frampton

Couldn’t Get It Right (1976) Climax Blues Band

So Into You (1977) Atlanta Rythm Section

Sentimental Lady (1977) Bob Welch

Magnet And Steel (1978) Walter Egan

I Just Wanna Stop (1978) Gino Vannelli

Baker Street (1978) Gerry Rafferty

Lotta Love (1978) Nicolette Larson

Love Will Find A Way (1978) Pablo Cruise

Love Is The Answer (1979) England Dan and John Ford Coley

Question of the Night: What do you listen to when you need to chill out?

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