TNB Night Owl – To the Birds and Over the Rainbow

The great potoo (Nyctibius grandis).
The great potoo (Nyctibius grandis). Image captured by the News Blender.

I was talking about my dogs with my daughter this evening, lamenting that, while well trained during our walk my three year old is still such a spaz when we are getting ready to go out, which lead to:

Her: Have you ever seen those videos of people training their dogs with buttons?

Me: Yes! those are so cool.

Her: Have you seen the one about Bunny, the Sheepadoodle? that one is pretty popular right now.

Me: No, haven’t caught that one…Hey, maybe I can do a Night Owl about Bunny the talking dog!

And we laugh. So, off I go to YouTube and look up Bunny and sure enough, up pops “Meet Bunny the talking dog.”

Alright, I think. We’re in business. Because … algorithms of a typical free flowing conversation with my daughter that began about my spaz dog. So, I dutifully watch and think, hmm, I dunno, it’s not like we haven’t all seen these types of videos, and Bunny, while impressive, I’m just not feeling it.

Which leads to me glancing over to the right to see another Bunny video in the *up next* que, still, meh, my eyes begin to track down and what do I see as a YouTube ‘related’ ‘for you’? Talking birds. Because … algorithms.

I begin watching about talking birds, parrots, ravens, cockatoo, and a combination and mix thereof.

I look at the time and think, dang it, now I’m going to have to chose, go with Bunny, birds, or think of something else and there isn’t much time left so, because of both human and YouTube algorithms, but mainly because I’m not as good as Richard and Alien and don’t know all the cool things they know and can write about, we’re going to the birds…

…and we’re going over the rainbow… Because…algorithms.

Stuck in between all those birds there is a Randy Rainbow video sticking out like a sore thumb because… YouTube knows me.

While it could be argued I am breaking one of Night Owl’s hard and strict rules about NO POLITICS!! (the piece, not the Open Thread) to that I say, I would Never! We’re just going over the rainbow! 🌈🌈

At least I didn’t forget this time! 😂

Question of the night: Do you have an idea for a Night Owl topic you would like to see or share?

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