Is This True?

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Here we are again, or Here I go again?

Doesn’t matter, first some housekeeping news…

The title, is based on this idea I’ve been toying with that’s based around the idea that politician’s say or tweet stupid shit. Hell, some Instagram it, Facebook it, Snapchat it, TikTok, or they even enter “it” into official House or Senate records…

Second, this week I feel like Michael Corleone…

So given the first thought and my second, I thought what might be helpful to me, and us, as a voter, would be to see, is this true?

On Wednesday for example, House Minority Leader Kevin “My Rep,” McAsshole (R-CA) uttered the words on tape; “I don’t think anybody is questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election. I think that is all over with…”

He uttered those words outside the Oval Office, after his bipartisan meeting with President Biden.

But is this true?

Hell no, it’s not true, it wasn’t true the minute the words fell out of his damn mouth.

For convince sake, mine, and yours, we turn to our ever lovable CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale.

I’m not sure this needs noted, but I’m gonna do it anyway. While Daniel Dale is our lovable fact-checker, I, 99.9% of the time, always verify what he says before I share his thoughts with the class.

For the context of the tweet we turn to our not so lovable but hateable former President of these United States blog. Yes, it’s a blog, plus a send me your money, Rubes!, website.

Monday “Greatest Election Fraud in the history of our Country.”

Thursday “Corrupt, third world election.”

We pause there for a tiny digression on my part.

Thursday is also noteworthy cause on that day, the day after McAsshole, uttered the stupid caught on tape, the House Republicans were voting to replace Congresswoman Liz Cheney. As we all remember she’d been ousted from her number 3 House Republican leadership role on Wednesday.

The replacement as this tweet notes…

Had lame competition in the form of Texas Congressman Chip Roy…

Can you spot what Deace misses in his tweet? No worries, if you can’t, that’s okay, cause you have me…*snort*

That’s right, the orange impeached wonder gave his full support to who Deace call’s “a complete and total liberal.”

To be fair, he isn’t wrong, Elise Stefnik from New York, does have a very liberal voting record, but what she does have, is kneepads, and boy has she used them wisely!

Getting us back on track to McAsshole’s words…

Friday “Rigged and stolen.”


He did not stop there…cause of course he didn’t.

That blog post has it all. And even now, months after his election is over he still is clueless about the job he held or the function of Congress. Well, I guess I could have stopped at “clueless.”

Anyhoo, he issues one more on Saturday that is noteworthy.

For a screen shot of this unhinged bullshit we turn to Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer. For those unaware Maricopa County is in AZ, and home of the fake Cyber Ninja’s 2020 election “audit”.

How it started…

That claim is being disputed by Jack Sellers Chair of the Maricopa Board of Supervisors. Among others of course.

In response to the Cyber Ninja’s not being Ninja like at all there will be a public hearing held by the Board of Supervisors on Monday to “refute the lies and lay out the facts about these issues.”

And to be clear, the former President Jackass is not the only person continuing to question the election.

And that my friends, is where this road always will lead us, right back to that day on January 6th, 2021, when a riot that wasn’t a riot but was Insurrection. A day that should never be forgotten or downplayed, ever. That day a group of unhinged American’s, encouraged by our then-sitting President, and his party, plus Fox News, plus talk radio, plus, social media, plus plus… attempted to overthrow our government and what is the response from the Republicans to that day?

On April 16th, 2021, AZ Rep. Republican Paul Gosar told the House Ethics Committee that the “riots” interrupted official proceedings of the House of Representatives most notably he says, “my objection to the certification and request for remand back to Arizona for a double check.”

The whole passage can be found on pg. 15 of this PDF.

And for those thinking at this point, if you’ve gotten this far in reading, how come this matters…

This is an open thread

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