President Biden Tweets for Friday’s Open Thread

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It’s Friday.

To that study I say…

For Friday President Biden has received his daily brief. This afternoon he welcomes H.E. Moon Jae-in the President of the Republic of Korea to the White House.

When Thursday’s Open Thread was published, President Biden had tweeted 3 times. He added 6 tweets giving him a Thursday Tweeting total of 9 tweets and 0 retweets.

He shares a live feed to remarks that Vice President Harris and President Biden gave prior to the President singing into law the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act.

The stream is 28 minutes and 29 seconds long. VP Harris speaks first at the 3 minute and 20 second mark. President Biden begins his remarks @ the 8 minute and 36 second mark. His remarks can be found here. The timestamp says he spoke from 2:33 p.m., and concluded at 2:51 p.m. D.C., time.

He says with his next tweet that “we are committed to stopping the hatred and bias.”

President Biden (13:22): Documented incidents of hate against Asian Americans have seen a shocking spike — as the Vice President has outlined at the front of her comments.  Let alone — let alone the ones that have never been reported. Gut-wrenching attacks on some of the most vulnerable people in our nation — the elderly, low-wage workers, women — brutally attacked simply by walking outside or waiting for a bus.  Asian American women suffer twice as many incidents of harassment and violence as Asian American men. And the conversation we had in Atlanta is one we’re hearing all across the country, that all of this hate hides in plain sight — it hides in plain sight — and too often, it is met with silence: silence by the media, silence by our politics, and silence by our history. For centuries, Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders — diverse and vibrant communities — have helped build this nation only to be often stepped over, forgotten, or ignored.  You know, lived here for generations, but still considered, by some, the “other” — the “other.”  It’s wrong.  It’s simply — to use the phrase — it’s simply un-American. My message to all of those of you who are hurting is: We see you.  And the Congress has said: We see you.  And we are committed to stop the hatred and the bias.

He next tweets another live stream this time to remarks offered in the wake of the cease-fire announced between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas militant group.

The stream is 5 minutes and 57 seconds long. President Biden begins his remarks at the 1 minute and 17 second mark. His full remarks can be found here. There is no timestamp provided for his remarks.

He issues three tweets each taken from his remarks.

President Biden (1:26): Prime Minister Netanyahu informed me that Israel has agreed to a mutual, unconditional ceasefire to begin in less than two hours.  The Egyptians have now informed us that Hamas and the other groups in Gaza have also agreed.

President Biden (3:28): These hostilities have resulted in the tragic deaths of so many civilians, including children.  And I send my sincere condolences to all the families — Israeli and Palestinian — who have lost loved ones and my hope for a full recovery for the wounded.

President Biden (4:12): I believe the Palestinians and Israelis equally deserve to live safely and securely and to enjoy equal measures of freedom, prosperity, and democracy. My administration will continue our quiet and relentless diplomacy toward that end.  I believe we have a genuine opportunity to make progress, and I’m committed to working for it. I want to thank you all.  And may God bless you all.  And I pray that this continues.

For Friday he has tweeted 1 time so far.

He says he’s looking forward to hosting the President of the Republic of Korea, H.E. Moon Jae-in.

On Wednesday, the White House announced that President Biden will this afternoon at 1:00 p.m. D.C., time award the Medal of Honor to Colonel Ralph Puckett Jr., United States Army, Retired, for “conspicuous gallantry during the Korean War.” President Moon-Jae-in will attend the event.

This evening at 5:00 p.m. D.C., time President Biden and President Moon Jae-in will hold a press conference after their bilateral meeting.

The White House daily press briefing is scheduled for noon D.C., time.

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